Ambient Environment Mod

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Ambient Environment Mod brings players a new atmosphere by adding a series of interesting points related to the environment to improve your Minecraft playing experience. Please join us in following the article below to understand the wiki of this special mod board better.

Ambient Environment Mod

Ambient Environment Mod for Minecraft

Nowadays, players are increasingly bored with the usual effects and colors in the old world. Understanding this, Ambient Environment Mod was born to overcome it by bringing more impressive environmental effects through shade, color, and light. In addition, this mod board also adds many other things such as water, grass, and leaves to help your world become more alive. These new changes and additions will improve the quality of player experience to newer heights.

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The information below is the special features when you join this interesting mod board, specifically as follows:

  • Shade and color changes are the two main factors that cause the environment in Minecraft to change the most. It creates effects that make you have new feelings.
  • The 3 basic elements that grow strongly in this mod table are water, grass, and leaves. You will almost see the world covered entirely in green by the lushness of these ingredients.
  • Sometimes you will feel that the mod panel is cartoonish when the colors are too bright. But this can be overcome if you enable the shade feature. It will help players feel that the vision has more depth and everything becomes more soulful. This factor also attracts many players to want to experience this world more.

Above is all the information about Ambient Environment Mod – The environment-related mod board first appeared to make players excited at Best Minecraft Mods. If you are interested in it, quickly download it to your device for a chance to experience it!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.4 Jan 12, 2024 7.22 KB
1.20.3 Jan 3, 2024 7.22 KB
1.20.2 Sep 23, 2023 7.68 KB
1.20.1 Jun 20, 2023 7.67 KB
1.19.4 Mar 19, 2023 7.67 KB
1.19.3 Dec 9, 2022 7.62 KB
1.19.2 Aug 29, 2022 7.61 KB
1.19.1 Jul 30, 2022 7.61 KB
1.18.2 Mar 2, 2022 7.62 KB
1.18.1 Dec 14, 2021 6.48 KB
1.17.1 Jun 12, 2021 6.13 KB
1.16.5 Dec 13, 2020 4.72 KB
1.16.5 Dec 13, 2020 4.72 KB
1.16.3 Sep 17, 2020 4.24 KB
1.16.2 Aug 21, 2020 4.24 KB
1.16.1 Jul 13, 2020 4.23 KB
1.15.2 Mar 2, 2020 4.40 KB
1.14.4 Sep 14, 2019 4.46 KB
1.12.2 Apr 25, 2019 24.75 KB
1.12.2 Apr 26, 2019 24.80 KB


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