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Discover a new guide for Animalium Mod Wiki. Animalium is a mod that developer Adis365 adds some dangers to the Minecraft game. With mobs originally created for Darkosto’s Mod Invasion pack available on Curse Launcher.

  • The mod contains:
  • 4 new mobs
  • Aggressive with players
  • Some foods
  • New equipment.

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Piranhas will spawn in water, river and swamp biomes at or below sea level and are an aggressive mob. Piranha will swim very fast to attack the player and relentlessly pursue while in the water.

Piranhas will also lunge at players who are on land and try to attack them, unfortunately they will suffocate if they stay out of the water for too long. Piranhas will occasionally drop raw fish when killed or cooked fish if burned.

Wild dog

Wild Dogs will spawn in all non-water biomes but not in the Nether or End, they are aggressive mobs and chase the player at breakneck speed.

When Wild Dogs attack they will lunge at the player and usually attack in groups. When killed, Wild Dogs will drop Wild Dog Skins and bones when burned.

Brown bear

You’ll find Brown Bears in all non-water biomes but not in the Nether or the End, they’re actually a huge aggressive mob and chase players trying to pounce on them. Bears love to ‘dance’ when trying to attack players and especially like the Spice Girls and Village People’s YMCA.

When a Bear is killed, it drops Burned Bear Meat or Cooked Bear Meat. Bearclaw is used to craft Bearclaw Paxels when they drop.


Rats will spawn in all non-water biomes but not in the Nether or End which is a small aggressive mob. Rats have low health and don’t do much damage but this can be fooled when multiple attackers attack at once.

Rats are only aggressive at night or in low light. Rat also has a sneaky trick; there is a 1:10 chance that if they hit you, they will snatch whatever you are holding in your main hand at the time and run away.

Rats that steal items will not appear and when killed will drop your item so it can be retrieved. When Rats are killed, they will drop Rat Meat or Cooked Rat Meat if burned.


Wild dog leather boots

Wild Dog Pelt Boots are special shoes that allow the player to sprint faster and jump 4 blocks high. When wearing these boots fall damage is negated. The boots are handmade as below.

Paxel stroked the bear

Bear Claw Paxel is a special tool that allows you to mine, dig and chop wood all in one tool. It has a tool level of Iron and good durability. However, Bear-clawed Paxel will not work on many crafting blocks like Crafting Tables, Furnace, etc. Paxel with the bear claws is placed in the bin as shown below.

Optional configurations available to change how the mod works include:

  • Mobs Damage
  • Health
  • Reproduction rules.

Animalium is one of the best mobs mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list

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