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Discover a new guide for Athenaeum Mod Wiki. Athenaeum Library is a necessary mod for Artisan Worktables mod and other mods of codetaylor.

Athenaeum Mod Wiki

Athenaeum Mod

Athenaeum is a Core Library mod developed and published by Codetaylor:

  • It is programmed to support boot
  • Provide resources for other mods
  • Usually appears in the “required” section when installing.

Core mod is currently a trend with the ability to save maximum resources and can support many mods at the same time.

Thanks to the existence of these types of Core Mods, it becomes simpler to update, change and fix bugs for many mods. This programming method is mostly used by Mod Developers who have programmed many mods.

This mod for Minecraft logo

Programmed as a support mod, Athenaeum will not provide any effect when installed independently into Minecraft, sometimes these mods only provide a small number of items.

Instead of introducing new content to the game, it will provide documentation, code, and build a framework for other mods to function properly.

Mods that support are usually:

  • Use a common code in the structure to reduce file size
  • Save time
  • Optimization
  • Codetaylor has incorporated this code into the Athenaeum.


That if you do not install this mod before installing the mod that needs it to work, the system will error the game, causing crashes and not being able to load into the main menu.


  • Modules with event routing
  • Registration helper
  • JEI / CraftTweaker plugin system
  • Common utility classes

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1.12.2 Feb 19, 2018 119.4 KB

Athenaeum is one of the best Library mods that MC Wiki has just updated to Minecraft Mods list


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