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Discover a new guide for Atmospheric Mod at MC Wiki.  Atmospheric Mod is one of the interesting mods in the Abnormals Core library. It implements a series of unique and novel biomes for the player while maintaining its naturalism.

Atmospheric Wiki

While Atmospheric currently includes only one biome so far, the Rosewood Forest, many more are currently being worked on for later inclusion in the game.

To create a whole new atmosphere for Minecraft while maintaining its authenticity, the main goal of the atmosphere lies precisely in its name.

Despite being a new transformation, the Biomes in the Atmosphere do not seem out of place but perfectly fit into their surroundings.

Accompanying a new biome are many new blocks, items, and models to further complete the feeling of being in a new environment.

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Atmosphere Mod Wiki

Mod Biome’s atmospheres in the game hold a very prominent place as they add outstanding flavor. However, the biomes introduce:

  • Many blocks
  • Plant
  • Items

Sometimes it’s the content that keeps players busy.

Similarly, this one contains new types of biomes called Rosewood Forest and several others, which will have all the ingredients to make it stand out from the others.

For better understanding, there are four types of biomes known as:

  • Rosewood forest
  • Forest plateau
  • Plateau
  • Mountain

In addition, they will have:

  • Flower
  • Plant
  • Village
  • Plants.

They are very diverse in terms of:

  • Pink tree
  • Monkey broom
  • Vines
  • Passion fruit

Likewise, you will need a complete focus video to get a better understanding of them. But we are pretty sure that they are outstanding in nature and offer an extremely eye-catching quality. Atmospheric is one of the best library mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list

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Version Date Size
1.19.2 Feb 28, 2023 1.69 MB
1.18.2 Jan 27, 2023 1.64 MB
1.16.5 Jan 1, 2021 1.39 MB
1.16.1 Aug 14, 2020 1.05 MB
1.15.2 Mar 13, 2020 745.63 KB
1.14.4 Feb 13, 2020 228.83 KB


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