Atomic Science Mod

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Atomic Science Mod is a mod board that focuses mainly on nuclear atoms in the Minecraft world. If you have never heard of this mod board, please refer to the following article immediately. We will help you understand more about the wiki of this mod board.

Atomic Science Mod

Atomic Science Mod for Minecraft

Atomic Science Mod adds a series of new features focusing mainly on nuclear atoms. This mod board aims to help players immerse themselves in the real world with new improvements that make the experience more unique and interesting than the original board. Thanks to that, you have the opportunity to experience many new things when downloading this mod board and experiencing it.
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Below are the special features that this mod board wants to bring to players when experiencing:

Overview of features

The mod board will include a system of special features as follows:

  • Mechanism of direct exposure to radiation
  • Effects upon exposure to heat or the environment
  • Map showing the appearance of radioactive substances
  • The block collects the steam emitted from the heat and the turbine is responsible for rotating
  • Reactor block with fission on direct or indirect contact
  • Fusion reactor blocks, specifically substances with high heat release.
  • The particle accelerator block is used to measure the acceleration as well as the distance traveled by nuclei
  • Fuel treatment machine when the fuel is no longer of use and needs to be decomposed
  • Mechanism to recover radioactive waste when it reacts harmfully to the surrounding environment
  • Fuel bars and necessary items for players
  • Armor protects the player from toxic effects.

Specific features

Specifically, some important items such as:

  • Radiation system: works by monitoring emitted substances as well as their activities to promptly handle emergencies.
  • Radioactive substance: is a system of items or substances that have an impact on the environment, whether harmful or not
  • Reactor: a series of small systems that help you easily monitor the reaction of substances with the surrounding environment.
  • Thermal system: aims to monitor the surrounding environment but does not require direct contact, instead it is a system of sensors with the fastest adaptive and detection features.
  • Steam system: helps you detect water and provide it when it is needed most.

Atomic Science Mod Wiki has opened up new experiences for players in Minecraft by adding many new features related to nuclear atoms. On the other hand, this is also one of the famous mod boards at Best Minecraft Mods. If you love this mod board, quickly download it to your device to have the opportunity to experience the most special things!


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