Berry Good Mod

Berry Good Mod

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Berry Good Mod adds related features to expand the characteristics of berries, making the Minecraft experience more epic and vivid. The following article will help you better understand the wiki of this mod board. Let’s follow along now!

Berry Good Mod

Berry Good Mod for Minecraft

Berry Good Mod has just been released but has already created a buzz and appeal to the community of Minecraft participants. By adding berry features it makes the world easier for players to access. These features allow you to discover more exciting new berries and better flavors. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to shorten the time when growing and harvesting these fruits. Besides, you won’t have to worry about getting confused when sowing seeds because signs with the names of the plants have appeared.

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To better understand this mod board, you can refer to the information below related to the features it provides, specifically as follows:

  • Recipes on how to use and grow plants will display in the instruction sheet, allowing players to refer to them when needed.
  • The location of these berries will be visible and will automatically modify if you accidentally plant them in the wrong place.
  • The appearance of special seeds has the function of overcoming the player’s mis-planting errors.
  • The content and functions of fruits will expand significantly

Berry Good Mod Wiki has brought players the best experiences at Best Minecraft Mods. This mod board has added many new interesting berry-related features. If you want to experience more of these features, please quickly download this mod board!


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