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Discover a new guide for Better Animals Plus mod at MC Wiki. Better Animals Plus is a mod where the developer is always trying to find a way to bring new creatures and life to your Minecraft world. You will be surprised to see that they all have a more unique and refined aesthetic compared to other mods of the same genre. The mod adds more than 35 animals and is constantly evolving. We not only added animals but also various content, from blocks to armor, which complement the creatures in the mod.

Better Animals Plus Mod Wiki

Better Animals Plus is nave you understand as a companion mod to Better Animal Models, but it can work separately.

Thanks to Architecture, Better Animals Plus is available for both Forge and Fabric.

Mod type:

Better Animals Plus Wiki

Players can tame animals:

  • Here’s how to tame and a list of mobs you should check out:
  • Lammergeier: Bones (anytime)


  • Live Rabbit
  • Raw chicken
  • Live pheasant
  • Cooked Rabbit
  • Cooked chicken
  • Cooked Pheasant

Fox (only 1.12):

  • Live Rabbit
  • Raw chicken
  • Live pheasant
  • Cooked Rabbit
  • Cooked chicken
  • Cooked Pheasant

Wild wolf:

  • Bones (at any time, must wear the head of an Ender Dragon)
  • Goat: Goats cannot be tamed in the traditional sense but feeding them any animal food will make them “friends” with you and protect you if you are attacked.
  • Octopus: Same mechanic “friend” with a goat. Any fish is fine.

Will you make [animals] tameable?

  • Are not. If a mob cannot be tamed at release, it will not be tamed later. This also includes taming animals for riding.
  • Players can use this mod in one package:
  • It is hosted on CurseForge or private. If you want to publicly host a package on another platform (like Technic), please ask or consider using CurseForge as it supports developers.

How to craft (insert item)?

Use the “Just Enough Items” mod to see the recipes in the game. They will not be recorded here.

Where to find the configuration

  • 1.12: (minecraft folder)/configs/betteranimalsplus.cfg
  • 1.14+ (Spawn/Server): save/(world)/serverconfigs/(modid)-server.(toml/json5)
  • 1.14+ (Dedicated Server): /world/serverconfigs/(modid)-server.(toml/json5)
  • 1.14+ (Client): (minecraft folder)/configs/(modid)-client.(toml/json5)

This mod is fully compatible with Insert biomes mod here

Use the Biome Dictionary provided by Forge. This includes:

  • Biomes O’ Plenty
  • Traverse
  • As well as many other biome mods.

This mod can be used with other animal-related mods:

BAP does not have any special features for this mod yet, in development.

How do I disable spawning in Minecraft world?

Using profiles, you can see where to find them above. Change “spawn_naturally” (formerly “do_spawning”) to false to disable spawning. You can also adjust the weight and biomes they spawn in.

How can server default/autoconfiguration in 1.14+

The default configs directory will cause it to be automatically copied to new saves if set (modid)-server.(toml/json5).

Better Animals Plus is one of the best mobs mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list

Update History

Version Date Size
1.19.2 Jul 19, 2022 2.33 MB
1.18.2 Mar 8, 2022 2.32 MB
1.18.1 Dec 26, 2021 2.39 MB
1.17.1 Dec 25, 2021 2.33 MB
1.16.5 Dec 25, 2020 7.97 MB
1.15.2 Sep 25, 2020 7.93 MB
1.14.4 Jul 28, 2019 3.02 MB
1.13.2 Jun 7, 2019 788.06 KB
1.12.2 Sep 24, 2018 420.90 KB


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