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Discover a new guide for Better Dungeons Mod Wiki. The Better Dungeons Mod by Chocolatin is a great truly expansive Minecraft mod that has a lot of new mob additions here. Plus there are dungeons that expand into the regular Minecraft biome. If you’re tired of vanilla Minecraft, these dungeons range from Pirate ships to volcanoes and really offer a sense of depth and adventure.

  • Volcano
  • Stay away from the core
  • Or not

Better Dungeons Mod Wiki

Mod type:

Castle siege to get settlements for your trip! Look for them in the plains.

Attack the pirate ship

The mod comes with small ship models, a large boat, and a treasure island.

Stronghold, try to find the entrance to the taiga jungle biome.

And that’s supposed to be under the tower:

The swamp cave is huge, and has some flowers!!

Nether City (Caution, secret room inside)

If you see a pyramid (or something suspicious in the desert), go inside, find the trapdoor in the maze and jump in to fight the boss:

Find this cave in the wet biome to find the slime boss:

Hell hole, you will see a red sky, bedrock has also been removed from the top.

A default dungeon:

  • In the beta, the dungeons will be in classes 18-60
  • A large one (size configurable in properties, top view)

Nether Dungeon:

Better Dungeons Wiki

List of mobs:

Human-like mobs:

  • Mobs are “human”, they look like humans, kind of depend on the biome.
  • There are different classes:
  • Armored: their hp and attack ratio depends on the difficulty and the armor/weapon they wear.
  • Basic warrior: basic melee unit.

Basic warrior:


  • Basic ranged unit
  • Equipped with bow
  • Archer pig.


  • medium-range unit,
  • armed with swords
  • grenades.

Goblin Grenadier.

  • Healer: equipped with a therapist that will heal your partner’s wounds!

Ghost healer.

  • Defenders: with swords and swords, defense specialists, while blocking, reduce damage and reflect arrows.

Zombie defender.

  • Hookman: equipped with a hookshot, will attempt to pull the hook launch target.

Hookman dwarves

  • Spearman: uses a spear, long-range and knockback, especially effective against cavalry units.

Spearman Triton

  • Berserker: Equipped with a great sword, be careful with them at close range.

Pirate maniac.

  • Ninjas: equip daggers, and deal extra damage from behind. Watch out behind!

Monkey ninja

  • Bannerman: equipped with a banner. It’s okay to go alone, it’s dangerous to go in a group. Grants speed, attack, and defense to nearby allies.

Walker banner


  • Spider bosses: you can find them in caves in the jungle.
  • Necromancer: it is a special skeleton, living in castles, protected by a horde of skeletons. There are 3 different attacks: normal attack, basic melee attack, confusion; Vampire Orb, an orb of prophecy, that heals the thrower if the orb collides with any entity; Skeleton Summon, summons a skeleton near him, the damage the skeleton deals returns to the caster as health.
  • Liche: a semi-death summoner who sacrificed his life for dark rituals, has dangerous creatures, has more powerful versions of the summoner’s attack, and additional spells.
  • Pig Mage: a pig mage, has stronger versions of the necromancer’s attacks and additional fire-based spells.
  • Pirate king: the king of pirates, keep your eyes wide open fight him, he will fool your vision.


  • The Terminator Prototype: it’s one of the dwarves’ greatest secrets, you can find it at the end of their dungeon. Might not work very well, even though it’s the prototype.
  • Boss Walker: an adept defender and hunter. Attacks with small tornadoes and his sword. Also has a powerful shield capable of blocking most damage
  • if it blocks. Don’t approach if you’re not sure you can beat him.

Better Dungeons Mod items:

  • Revolver: can be found in dungeons. shoot bullets
  • Golden Feathers: Can be crafted or stored in dungeon chests. Prevent falling damage.
  • Hookshoot: basic grappling hook, a small range
  • Longshoot: longer range than hookshoot.
  • Manual: a longer range introduces manual scrolling. (Sneaking reduces the scroll, jumping frees it)
    Spiderhook: longer range and improved manual scrolling. (Sneaking you into a trap)
    Can only be obtained by defeating the spider boss.
  • Cursed Bones: right click to summon an allied skeleton. Dropped by a mage (necromancer, liche, pig mage)
  • Special weapon: dropped by the boss.

And much more to discover!

Better Dungeons Mod is one of the best mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list

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