Better Placement Mod

Better Placement Mod

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Better Placement Mod adds a new feature that allows players to perform a series of actions without any interruptions. With these features, players’ Minecraft playing experience will become much more attractive. Please follow the article below better to understand the wiki of this special mod board!

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Better Placement Mod

Better Placement Mod for Minecraft

For professional players who know how to estimate the time for each block move, interruptions will rarely occur. On the contrary, for new players, this is quite an annoying problem because they are interrupted by continuously moving blocks. Understanding this, Better Placement Mod has been released and helps players improve this common interruption situation.

This mod board works based on the principle that the player will hold down the mouse to move and move the block to the desired position. Immediately following blocks will follow the same principle no matter how fast you move. The logic equipped by this mod board has created its own rules, making the arrangement of blocks much easier and more flexible. This also creates new unique points, making moving much faster than playing Minecraft like the original.

In particular, thanks to this mod board, you can build your houses as quickly as possible. Moving and arranging items such as bricks and tiles will be synchronized quickly.

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Below are the basic features that this mod board brings to players:

  • The mod board allows players to place blocks when moving the mouse to a new location
  • Mouse placement and movement operations will be performed with the right mouse button
  • It helps build houses faster and easier

Above is all the information about Better Placement Mod Wiki – The epic mod board available at Best Minecraft Mods. The features this mod board provides have helped players have a smoother experience. If you also want to experience it, download it now!

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1.12.2 Sep 20, 2017 6.86 KB
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1.12.2 Sep 20, 2017 6.86 KB
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