Better Storage Too Mod

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Better Storage Too Mod adds new and larger spaces allowing players to freely place their items easily. The following article will help readers better understand the wiki of this mod board. Please follow us now!

Better Storage Too Mod

Better Storage Too Mod for Minecraft

Better Storage Too Mod is a newly launched mod board that adds new spaces allowing players to comfortably store necessary items. Thanks to this mod board, players have the opportunity to freely choose new archives in the Minecraft world. Instead of only having 27 storage locations as before, this mod board has added the number of storage locations up to 200.

In addition, each storage chest is also much wider and larger than a traditional chest. Besides, the way the items are arranged also changes. Now you can stack these items on top of each other instead of just one layer like before to limit the amount of space consumed.

Locks and keys are the two most necessary items to help you protect chests filled with items inside. Each lock has only one key to open it and it will be kept by the owner. Therefore, keys and locks will have many different colors and sizes depending on the material you use to make them. In addition, if unfortunately, you cannot fit your items, you can also use the chest expansion feature, but the disadvantage of this feature is the random opening mode.

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Below are the outstanding features that this mod board possesses:

  • Chest size can be up to 5x5x5 wide
  • You can create a larger block by stacking boxes on top of each other.
  • Lockers and trunks have similar structures and functions.

Better Storage Too Mod Wiki is one of the mod boards present at Best Minecraft Mods that have helped players have more special experiences by adding new spaces. If you love the features that this mod board provides, please refer to it and download it immediately to your device to experience it right away!


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