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Discover a new guide for Botany Pots mod at MC Wiki. Botany Pots Mod brings into the game a fresher way of displaying, growing and harvesting your flower seeds.

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In addition, you can also use them as home decorations, instead of old pots, this new plant pot brings a more unique look.
Using them, you can watch your kids grow from a tiny tree to their original size every time you put their seeds in the Pot. For those who love gardening, here are the creations of an immersive space in Minecraft.

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Botany Pots Wiki

You can plant almost anything, from Nether Wartz to Wheat by filling its correct surface blocks into the Pot first. If you don’t have time to make a farm, the Botany Pots can also act as a harvester.

This mod adds a Botany Pot, a block that can grow all kinds of crops. The Botany Pot can be used for decoration, and also makes the cultivation of certain crops much easier. This mod is inspired by Davenonymous’ awesome Bonsai Trees mod.

Botany Pots Mod Featured:

Harvesting a crop in a Botany Pot automatically replants the seed.

  • The Hopper Botany Pot upgrade allows:
  • Self-harvesting pot
  • Put items in the chest yourself
  • Another block along with the warehouse.
  • Seventeen different colors!

Extended data pack support to add crops, soil and
new fertilizers.

  • Extensive support for CraftTweaker to:
  • Allows the removal of crops, soil and fertilizers
  • Modification of crops, soil and fertilizers
  • Add plants, soil and fertilizer.


First you need to craft a Botany Pot. Then you have to think about the type of crop you want to grow and the type of soil in which it grows. There are many types of soil blocks, and some crops will require certain types of soil.

A good example of this is the wheat that grows on the earth and the wart that grows on the soul sand. After you have the soil and seeds for your plants, just right click on the block with the soil and then your seed. This will start the growth process for your plants.

Plants will also take a while to grow, you can change the growth by right clicking with bone meal and other fertilizers.

After the crop is done growing, right click on the crop to harvest and automatically plant another. To remove items from the botanic pot, you can sneak and right-click the block with your bare hands. Breaking blocks will also work.

Although this mod looks simple on the surface, there are a lot of technical details involved.

Support mode

This mod is predefined to add support for crops using json files. These json files allow you to do things like define new soils, fertilizers, and crops.

Authors and mod hosts can easily add these files to their data packs for crop customization. In addition, users can share and create their own data packs to enable a wider range of mod support.

If you want to add new data for the mod, please see the wiki for more info on the mod and where to get help.

Currently supported:

  • Biomes O’ Plenty: 15 crops, 3 soils
  • Botania: 32 crops, 7 soils, 1 fertilizer
  • Bee buzzing: 13 cases
  • Metal bush: 6 crops
  • Mystical farming: 43 crops, 5 soils, 1 fertilizer
  • Harvest: 78 crops
  • Peanut Mod: 1 case
  • Quark: 1 plant, 1 land
  • Simple farming: 34 crops
  • Scad: 2 types of soil
  • XL Food Mod: 6 crops

Botany Pots is one of the great mods for those who love plants that MC Wiki has just updated. You can download them from the link we provide below.

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