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Candy World Mod

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Candy World Mod adds new recipes to create many different types of food to make your Minecraft world more diverse. Follow the following article to better understand the wiki of this interesting mod board!

Candy World Mod

Candy World Mod for Minecraft

Understanding the needs of players, Candy World Mod was born to add new foods. This helps your Minecraft world become more vivid and diverse. When making these types of foods, they also have separate recipes. There will be a total of 3 biomes and 4 mobs added to this mod table. They include Cotton Candy Plains, Chocolate Forest, Gummy Swamp, Cotton Candy Sheep, Easter Chicken, Gummy Mouse, and Gummy Bear.

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The following are the basic features as well as the types of food that this mod board provides to players:


  • Cotton Candy Plains: Cotton candy and brownies are the two most popular foods here. They hide under rocks and tree trunks made of candy cane. If the player wants to find them, they must use a pickaxe to cut down the tree.
  • Chocolate Forest: Milk, white or dark chocolate, and water sticks are popular items in this biome. In addition, cookie ore also appears a lot here, but it is not considered too special because some other biomes also have it.
  • Gummy Swamp: This biome contains many different types of candy, so people often compare it to a colorful biome. In addition, giant armyworms are also the most commonly found items here.


  • Cotton candy sheep: These sheep look similar to normal sheep, but their fur is made of cotton candy instead of wool. They appear in many places in the plains so you can encounter them at any time. If you want to harvest sheep’s wool, you can use a stick, and the sheep’s wool will grow back on its own when it eats grass, cotton candy, or is stimulated by bone meal. In particular, sugar is the main substance used to breed cotton sheep.
  • Easter Chickens: Easter chickens originate from the Soco la forest and they can produce eggs of 3 different types such as milk, white, and black. Because they come from chocolate, you can use chocolate to stimulate them to grow bigger. Similar to cotton candy sheep, Easter chickens can be propagated using foam sticks.
  • Plastic rats: You will have a hard time getting close to them because they are very afraid of humans. Usually, they will live in plastic swamps.
  • Gummy bears: Gummy bears also live in swamps but are rarer than gummy mice. Specifically, they have 5 colors corresponding to the 5 colors of marshmallows.

Above is all the information about Candy World Mod Wiki – The mod board provides many different types of food at Best Minecraft Mods. If you love and want to experience these interesting things, quickly download this mod board to your device!

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