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Discover new features of Chickens Mod at MC Wiki. This mod adds to Minecraft’s new breeds of chickens as well as different ways of raising, feeding and incubating chickens.

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This is a new way to gather resources from chickens. Each type of Chicken has different stats, it affects its ability.

All parameters have a scale from 1 to 10 highest. Naturally spawned Chickens always start with stat level 1. You can increase their stats by breeding, provided it has parents of the same breed. You should note that stats do not increase when a new breed is created.


Chickens sometimes shed their feathers after laying eggs. You can toss the egg That’s it. Minecraft is a magical place where you can create your own, so why not add a little magic like:

  • Chicken put gunpowder
  • Bone meal
  • Snowball.

And what happens if you try to breed them:

  • Iron
  • Yellow
  • Diamond
  • Let’s try it.

This mod adds many new variations to your chicken flock. Chickens can be bred to create more advanced Chickens, from which you can collect rare things like Diamonds.

Chickens Mod Wiki

Raise chickens to increase their stats:

Growth, growth and power to quickly increase your output.

Chicken testing with chicken analyzer:

To determine their statistics and for more information. When you right click on any chicken, by Chicken Analyzer. It will show in the chat the following information:

  • The name of the chicken
  • Level
  • Growth
  • Their power and
  • The amount of time until their next egg is laid in the Nesting Pen.

Chicken Dyeing:

Combine a normal egg with the dye and throw what you get to get the laying hen dye:

  • Chicken Lapis Lazuli,
  • Cactus green chicken,
  • rosy red chicken,
  • Chicken bone meal…

You can breed them to get gray, pink….

Level 1 chickens are naturally bred in the world:

  • Chicken Flint
  • Chicken Snowball
  • gunpowder chicken,
  • Chicken Nether Quartz
  • Chicken Lava.

Get higher-level chickens by breeding them and have Diamond Chickens, Tear-Tear Chickens and many more.


Provide hay bales and it will collect chicken ‘product’ in the 9×9 area for you, and its side effect will dirt over time.

Smart chicken:

Give the vanilla chicken a book and it will become smart enough to use the chicken coop. Advanced breeding and spawning systems.

Lava eggs and water:

Get your liquid, renewable, and stackable source today.

Much customizable:

Change spawn rate, and items, disable chickens, modify breed, and place drop items.

Chicken Mod is less noisy.

Chickens Mod is one of the best mods that Minecraft Wiki has just updated.

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