Chunkloader Mod

Chunkloader Mod

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Chunkloader Mod allows players to keep certain blocks in Minecraft. This mod board marks a new development step. Please follow the following article to better understand the wiki of this mod board!

Chunkloader Mod

Chunkloader Mod for Minecraft

When experiencing Minecraft, most players always want to keep their world blocks with rapid and outstanding development. Understanding that, Chunkloader Mod adds this feature allowing players to retain important blocks according to their own preferences.

In particular, this mod board is extremely suitable for players who are passionate about growing plants. It helps you take better care of your plants thanks to its special features. It contributes to helping your kingdom develop and flourish. Besides, even when participants are not present, this mod board is still maintained regularly to help things grow and flourish.

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Here are the outstanding features when you join this mod board:

  • Depending on needs, players can freely choose chunk levels to download and apply them.
  • On the other hand, some individual blocks will not directly appear in your loading panel. Instead, it will appear separately on the map and you can add them to features selectively.
  • The mod board has an extensive scope that allows players to download 7×7 blocks to their devices easily and quickly.
  • The blocks added by this mod board have the ability to grow and develop very quickly.

Chunkloader Mod Wiki – Mod table helps players retain blocks according to chunk frequencies. This is the mod board at Best Minecraft Mods that makes impressions and allows players to experience more interesting things. If you feel interested, remember to download it to your device for a chance to experience it right away!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.12.2 Feb 19, 2019 25.14 KB
1.11.2 Jul 12, 2017 33.03 KB
1.10.2 Jul 17, 2016 21.93 KB
1.10.2 Jul 17, 2016 21.93 KB
1.10.2 Jul 17, 2016 21.93 KB
1.7.10 Jul 2, 2014 11.98 KB
1.7.2 Mar 19, 2014 9.87 KB


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