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Discover a new guide for Cloud Storage Mod Wiki. Cloud Storage Mod brings cloud storage to Minecraft world. When you hear about cloud storage, you will think that it will be a computer and server to operate cloud storage.

Cloud Storage Mod Wiki

But here, you’ll tie the balloons to a chest or crate and let them fly to the clouds, and you’ll have access while at home. This mod will make your life easier because you don’t need to carry heavy things elsewhere and can also store a lot of things in the cloud without worrying about space. Cloud Storage Mod will add a new type of chest, cloud storage chest. Place the mirror anywhere in your world and it will be linked to a cloud server running your laptop or PC.

Mod type:

Cloud Storage Feature:

Many people have heard about Cloud Storage, but many believe it is related to computers, servers and other things for smart people. In fact, and in this mod, Cloud Storage involves tying chests, crates or other inventory to a balloon and sending it to the cloud. Why? So you can access its inventory from your home without the complicated web of meteorite-derived crystals you’ve traded with goblins through portals or even a giant chest giant.

What exactly is this mode:

With this mod, bring you an easy to use solution to the storage problem. Instead of controlling our nearly endless storage systems behind tech mods or endgame content, most of them can be easily crafted from new items dropped by new mobs out that most players don’t have much of a challenge to beat.

The main reason why you play this mod is the size, but there are additional content added such as:

  • New food
  • Pet
  • Block
  • Mechanical
  • Music CDs, etc.

It’s all well-groomed and matches the theme and aesthetics of both the mod and Minecraft itself.

Additional interesting content:

  • Balloon Buddy is A newly added mob who can be crafted and will be your best friend forever. They have 8 personalities that can decide how they behave, fight, etc.
  • In the villages, you can find the Balloon Seller, who can exchange you for a variety of cloud storage related items, along with his own propeller hat. They can sometimes deliver a map to a sky temple or a large balloon that has a unique loot chest and mob spawner (vs 1.18.2 only)
  • Cotton candy is a new food source that can be crafted from sugar and rattan blocks.
  • You can use some bottled cloud to create a new tool called Cloud Blower. But I don’t see how you can have fun with one of those oversized hair dryers…
  • If a balloon is knocked out by a skeleton, it can drop a unique new record.

Getting Started:

If you feel confused by such a simple mod or do not want this website to constantly open in another tab, I recommend you to create an in-game manual in the game guide book recipe

This book is actually written by you and should be a better guide describing this mod. But if you insist…

The first major addition of cloud storage are two mobs that drop the key materials needed to create balloons, cloud chests, and more. Meet Badloon and Bloviator.

Badloon and Bloviator

Badloons are angry but fragile balloon monsters that try to punch you with their only gauntlet in hopes of knocking you down to fate. However, they can easily hit any type of projectile and are very afraid of cacti. Badloons drop 0-2 bubble pieces when killed.

Bloviators are hostile cloud spirits that will try to spew gusts of wind at you to push you away – while this in itself doesn’t do any damage, it’s pretty annoying. But if the weather changes from clear skies to rain, the bloviator will turn into a charged thunderstorm, knocking you down with lightning instead. When killed, large bloviators split into smaller ones, like slimes. The smallest ones have a chance to drop a Cloud Block and the thunder ones can drop a Static Cloud Block.

Both of these monsters only spawn at y level 196 or higher (high profile spawns), so you’ll have to climb high into the sky to find them. When you have the corresponding amount, you will need to craft at least two balloons and a cloud chest, as follows:

Balloon and Cloud Chest Recipe

  • Then just dye the balloons in any color of your choice (or no, I’m the mod author, not the cop) and tie a balloon to a normal chest under the sky to send it to the cloud.
  • You will be able to access all 27 of its locations, once the chest reaches world height and is uploaded to the cloud, the way to do that is to place a balloon of the same color inside the cloud chest.


This way of working only works if the cloud chest has skylight access! When you need more space, just tie another balloon of the same color to the chest and bring it to the top. By default, cloud chests can hold up to 4096 lots of item slots.

Cloud Chest Interface

Cloud chests can be scrolled through, sorted, and searched to find any items you need.

  • In the cloud, mirrors are their own private storage, they are only for you (like ender chests) and cannot be opened or accessed by other players by hoppers. Similarly there will be cloud chests. static if you like, they are made in the same way as the cloud chest but with static cloud blocks. They can be accessed by hoppers, pipes, other players, etc. because they are static and the same for everyone. To upload a static inventory you will need a statically charged ball, which you can obtain by rubbing the ball against the static cloud.
  • Since static cloud chests can be accessed from anywhere with a hopper, they can be used as instant transport items beyond two distant points, such as two separate bases or a farm crowd in the sky.
  • Balloons also have other uses, such as slowing your fall and reducing fall damage, and can also be tied to fences and stands for decoration. Cloud blocks can also be used to reduce the drop height.

Update History

Version Date Size
1.19.4 Apr 6, 2023 2.0 MB
1.19.3 Dec 13, 2022 2.0 MB
1.19.2 Jul 29, 2022 2.0 MB
1.18.2 Apr 8, 2022 3.0 MB
1.18.1 Apr 8, 2022 3.0 MB

Cloud Storage is one of the best mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list

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