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Discover a new guide for Corail Tombstone Mod Wiki. Corail Tombstone Mod prevents you from losing your belongings when you die by placing them in a grave, with many features of survivability and teleportation, in a medieval fantasy atmosphere involving souls of the grave in Minecraft. When clicking on the grave, it will automatically equip you with armor and return the lost items to you.

Corail Tombstone Mod Wiki

When you die, you will receive the key of the grave that allows you to know the path to your grave. This key can be upgraded to teleport directly to your grave and automatically disappears if the grave no longer exists.

You can also craft some scrolls that need to be activated with grave souls. The mod is server friendly and will work for any size. With the keepInventory rule at least one item is lost to get a tombstone.

Mod type:

Corail Tombstone Mod

Corail Tombstone handles death by providing countless configuration options, many features explore the world compatible between mods.

Introducing a system of privileges: Knowledge of a magic system based on certain items. There may be waiting for a way to be released from their eternal sentence and enchanted with the help of the Spirits haunting the decorated Graves.

An in-game screen that allows configuring player preferences, accessing the Info Summary, and selecting perks.

There are several commands related to death and teleportation.
The mod works well with dedicated servers. The main supported languages are French and English (but multiple languages are provided).


Decorative graves

  • Ornamental tombs are special blocks with a bead of fog just in the night.
  • They can be harvested with a shovel/hoe and can be carved with an anvil (see below).
  • Decorative graves can be haunted by a spirit, depending on the chance placed in the configuration.
  • Souls stay until used and enable some enchantments like magic scrolls/tablets or upgrading the key of the grave.
  • Black and white tombs have no difference in gameplay (as the chosen model).
  • To build a decorative grave, you’ll need to collect Grave’s Dust (a common way to get them is by killing the undead or with a
  • Cat’s Morning Gift) and a Zombie Essence as a possible ingredient achieved through advancements (the first way is by finding your favorite grave in the in-game config) and rarely found on the undead, Morning Gifts for Cats, and by fishing. fish in deep water (but don’t expect to find them this way unless you’re lucky).

Inscriptions on decorative graves

  • You can combine a tomb plate using an anvil with an iron ingot to put a name on that plate.
  • This can then be used to place or change names on your decorative graves. A configuration allows name conversion to be prevented.
  • In older versions, there are no tombstones and decorative graves that need to be incorporated into the anvil.

Guardian of the Grave

Rarely, Grave Guardian can appear near a decorated tomb. This guardian will protect the surroundings from hostile creatures and will offer to trade with the player. This is one way to get Grave’s Dust and Essence of Undeath. During special events, deals may vary.

Knowledge of death

You will gain knowledge points each time you use the soul of the tomb to enchant an item, when you release the soul from the vessel by praying near the tomb decorated with a special item called Ankh of Pray or by completing the tombstone advancements.

  • These points allow you to unlock certain perks in a special gui “Knowledge of Death”.
  • Perks are small rewards associated with all Tombstone features, rather than offering them by default.


The Knowledge of Death Compendium provides information, linked between them, about Tombstone.

How to configure mode

  • You have 3 files in the run/config directory, all prefixed with editable “gravestone”.
  • Most features, items, enchantments can be disabled in this configuration (and some are disabled by default like ‘pvp’)

Client Config

  • Access it directly on the in-game screen using the /tbgui command or by setting a keybinding.

Corail Tombstone Mod Command

  • TBTeleport: dimensional teleport (location, player, village, biome, your respawn, your last grave, your last death point)
  • TBBind: link your current location or teleport to one of 5 linkable locations
  • TBShowLastGrave : show the location of the last player’s grave
  • TBRestoreInventory : click your grave remotely to restore inventory
  • TBRecovery : manually backup all players (or one) or restore players from an old save
  • TBKnowledge : modifies player’s knowledge points or resets ankh’s cooldown
  • TBSiege : allows starting/stopping Zombie Siege
  • TBReviveFamiliar: revive your last dead acquaintance
  • TBRequestTeleport : send authorization request
  • TBGui : client command to open Tombstone screen


  • Soulbound: these enchanted items remain on you when you die
  • Shadow Step: move discreetly reducing the distance from being detected by shadow-based creatures
  • Magic Siphon: Absorbs beneficial effects from the target when given the chance
  • Plague carrier: chance to apply a random harmful effect. The wearer is also affected by this effect if his alignment is not bad
  • Blessing: chance to get a short buff when hitting
  • Curse of Bones: chance to apply Bone Shield when attacked with cooldown
  • Frostbite: chance to apply freeze on attack


  • ‘tombstone:ghostly_shape’: similar to the effect after you die, prevents creatures from attacking you and can improvise with the perks system
  • ‘tombstone:diversion’: prevent creatures from attacking you
  • ‘tombstone:preservation’: retain your beneficial effects after you die
  • ‘tombstone:unstable_intangibleness’: makes you invulnerable for one second every 5 seconds
  • ‘tombstone:feather_fall’: slows down your fall and prevents any fall damage
  • ‘tombstone:purification’: remove any negative effects on you over time
  • ‘tombstone:true_sight’: allows seeing in the dark, underwater, in lava, in fog and reveals invisible creatures
  • ‘tombstone:reach’: increase player’s range
  • ‘tombstone:lightning_resistance’: easy to understand name
  • ‘tombstone:frost_resistance’: easy to understand name (also prevents freezing)
  • ‘tombstone:bait’: bad effect attracts creatures to attack you
  • ‘tombstone:bone_shield’: effect obtained with the “Curse of Bones” enchantment, protection from melee damage and partial reflections
  • ‘tombstone:aquatic_life’: helps you adapt to the aquatic environment
  • ‘tombstone:frostbite’: bad effect freezes and damages over time with frost damage
  • ‘gravestone: earthly garden’: scatter flowers around you
  • ‘gravestone: arbitrary’: improve stealth speed and reduce detection range
  • ‘tombstone:mercy’: share a small portion of your beneficial effects among nearby allies

halloween ghost halloween atmosphere with graves


  • As of 1.18.2+, lootTables (related to this mod) can be edited in your savegame folder (under “tombstone/loottables).You just need to reload the save (or use the /reload command) after modification.
  • The loot tables are lost treasure (for unlucky fishing in ‘open water’), treasure in chests (for structural chests), cat mornings (when tamed cats give gifts when humans do). waking play), undead loot (including undead bosses) and archeology (in 1.19 .4+).


Some stats are used in this mod and can be used for goals in the scoreboard (via the vanilla /scoreboard command), they can be viewed from the game menu.
undead_killed, villagers killed, raider_killed, exorcism, zombify, consume_soul, capture souls, free_soul, pray_on_grave, pray_of_protect, use_disenchantment, use_recycling, use_repair, use_vanishing, revive_familiar, tomb_rading , sneak_grave, create_ancient_tablet, kill_undead_boss, steal_effect, trade_grave_guardian, trade_l rectangle.

Tombstone API

As of version 3.4.0, Tombstone includes an api which, with the source, reveals some of the mod’s features.


  • The mod provides a lot of compatibility with other mods. Player graves are indestructible (even with mods that don’t follow their ‘indestructible state’ in recent versions).
  • Maybe some versions will tell you to use another grave mod to save trouble. As of v6.2.5, you have the ability to let another serious mod handle death if you disable the associated client configuration in Tombstone.

Supported versions

  • With the rapid proliferation of Minecraft versions, updating them all becomes time consuming. So only the latest and most popular versions will receive future updates.
  • I still have very good news: I will be able to continue maintaining my mods for many more years, although I also have plans to explore other game environments.

Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.1 Jun 9, 2023 1.9 MB
1.19.4 Mar 20, 2023 1.9 MB
1.19.3 Dec 10, 2022 1.9 MB
1.19.2 Sep 6, 2022 1.5 MB
1.19.1 Jul 28, 2022 1.5 MB
1.18.2 Jun 2, 2022 1.4 MB
1.18.1 Dec 7, 2021 1.3 MB
1.17.1 Sep 7, 2021 1.2 MB
1.16.5 Feb 16, 2022 1.3 MB
1.16.4 Nov 10, 2020 1.0 MB
1.16.1 Aug 26, 2020 1.0 MB
1.15.2 Jan 25, 2020 965.8 KB
1.15.1 Jan 11, 2020 967.2 KB
1.14.4 Sep 6, 2019 817.2 KB
1.14.3 Jun 26, 2019 765.0 KB
1.14.2 Jun 22, 2019 756.8 KB
1.13.2 May 31, 2019 755.8 KB
1.12.2 May 13, 2021 1.0 MB
1.12.2 Jan 28, 2018 364.0 KB
1.11.2 Apr 13, 2017 201.8 KB
1.10.2 Jun 8, 2016 172.6 KB
1.9.2 Nov 9, 2017 278.0 KB
1.8.2 May 8, 2016 170.1 KB

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