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Discover a new guide for Create Mod Wiki. Create Mod provides various tools and blocks for Building Automation, Decoration and Aesthetics. Additional technological elements are designed to bring as many design options to the player as possible, where the item handling doesn’t take place inside a single block with fun textures, it loves requires a group of actors to work together in as many arrangements as possible.

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It adds many mechanical components and block variations to the game. This mod has good FPS and optimization so it can be played by almost any computer!

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One of the simpler generators is called a waterwheel. This concept sounds familiar, especially to those who have played Minecraft mods a bit. To make it spin, all you have to do is run some water around it. However, pay attention to the direction the water flows, as it will rotate at half the speed when the water is flowing in the wrong direction.

Encased Fan:

A bit more advanced is the Encased Fan. While these can act as Rotating Consumers, they can also provide some! To make a fan with an enclosure, it needs to be face down and have some heat source (e.g. Fire or Lava) directly underneath. Then just apply the Redstone signal to the fan and it will spin.

Furnace Motor:

The Furnace Motor is more expensive than the other two generators, but it pays off with much more stressful performance.. First of all, you will need 2 parts to run this generator: The Furnace Motor itself, as well as the flywheel. The motor needs to be placed on some furnace, then the flywheel can be attached. To run this multi-block, it is necessary to turn on the oven. That is all. But be careful, once your oven is off, so will the motor and all your connected machines!


The most basic and cheapest way to transmit rotational force is the shaft. This will forward rotation in a straight line to all connected axes. The shafts also have a sealed variant, they have the same function, just look a little different


While gears can be used as fancy-looking shafts, their primary use is a bit different. They will transfer rotation to other gears while keeping the axis of rotation. Directly adjacent gears will also reverse the direction of rotation. When mixing large gear and small gear, the rotation speed will also change. Two large gears at a 90° angle allow the axis of rotation to be changed.


To put the belt down, you will need 2 axes facing the same direction. They can be placed in 3 directions, horizontal, vertical or diagonal at a 45° angle (see below for some examples). Click on the first axis and you should see some particle effects where you are looking. When looking at the valid seconds axis, these particles will turn green. Once you have a belt in place, it transitions the rotation between the two shafts while keeping the same rotation and speed. You can also click a shaft into any part of the belt to mount additional pulleys that you can connect the parts to. By the way, even a belt can move things. For more information, please visit this page.

Encased Chain Drive:

Encased Chain Drives will not transfer items, but are a bit more flexible than their regular counterpart when it comes to forwarding spin. You can connect any number of wrapped chain drives in a straight line to form a small network that will all forward the same revolutions and speeds. They will change their textures to visualize a proper connection if done right. This also allows you to change the axis of rotation a bit more easily. The adjustable chain shifter is a more advanced version of the enclosed chain drive that also allows for some speed changes.


A gearbox is a simple block that forwards rotation between its 4 sides while reversing straight connections.

Shift Lever:

A shift lever is a simple block that acts like a shaft when not energized, but reverses direction of rotation when a redstone signal is applied.


A clutch is a simple block that behaves like a shaft when not powered, but stops transmitting rotation completely when a Redstone signal is applied.

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