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Discover a new guide for Dungeon Crawl mod at MC Wiki. Dungeon Crawl Mod creates huge underground dungeons that players can explore on expeditions to unknown new worlds. As the player travels around the world, entrances to these dungeons can be easily found, as if inviting the player to accept this challenge. However, it should be noted that the structure of the dungeon is completely different each time you visit it.

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Therefore, previous experience does not help the player find both enemies and treasures. This feature works similar to many rogue-lite games today. Adventures are not easy for players, but they are always unique and different, creating a feeling of discomfort when exploring the unknown. At the same time, those brave enough to conquer these dungeons repeatedly will be rewarded with otherworldly treasures.

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Dungeon Crawl Mod External Structure

The entrance to these dungeons can be found on the surface of your world. It looks like different types of structures like towers and houses.

Usually one of the tower variants will appear just outside the village. Home styles are probably the easiest to find, as they have great interior spaces for resting or storing things. The house also has a bed, a loot chest, and a cake that you can eat. All these buildings have spiral stairs to enter the dungeon. Since you will be collecting a lot of items, mostly junk, we recommend that you also install the backpack mod.
in the dungeon

After going down the spiral staircase, you can see there are several corridors. Each is blocked with bars for security. Destroy them with a pickaxe. As you progress through the dungeon, you’ll need to find another spiral staircase to get to the next level. You have to repeat this many times until you reach the lowest level. Dungeons are usually 4-5 floors high. It gets harder the deeper you go.

Zombies, skeletons, and spiders mostly appear in dungeons. However, these subspecies are equipped with armor and magical weapons, so they are not common enemies. Most are skins, though they fall off when you die.

Be sure to search all the treasure chests you find. There are many things that are recyclable, such as iron, but there is also a lot of bread to live on. Some of these dungeons may have Enderman spawners. They are very valuable to collect the last pearls, so don’t destroy them.

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