Dungeons Plus Mod

Dungeons Plus Mod

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Dungeons Plus Mod provides features in dungeons that make players feel more interesting, and even more terrifying when participating in Minecraft. So what is the wiki of this mod board? What’s special and interesting? Join us to find out through the article below!

Dungeons Plus Mod for Minecraft

Dungeons Plus Mod for Minecraft

Dungeons Plus Mod was launched to provide players with many new features, especially horror thrills, and surprises. Players will have the opportunity to experience many new emotions with the appearance of Zombies, Spiders, and Skeletons. These items will be randomly placed and players can encounter them at any time. When you successfully overcome these obstacles, you will win and gain extremely attractive rewards.

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  • Tower: has four floors with monster spawns and loot. The first three floors contain obstacles such as zombies, spiders, or skeletons, which the player can choose at random. The last floor is the vex room. Also inside this tower, you can find a map that will lead you to buried dungeons, specifically in the plains, forests, roof forests, birch forests, and mountains.
  • Ruins: players can find these items underground, labyrinths. In particular, these rooms will lead you to the Snow Temple, Leviathan, or Warped Garden,…
  • Ancient skeletons: players can find them in the desert and hide a secret underneath. This is also the hidden place of many ancient temples.
  • Temple theory: Strays take over this temple. Players will find the Frosted Cowl to aid in combat at the top of the temple. Strays spawned in this structure can drop ice or rarely freeze.
  • The garden: is home to many drowned axemen and provides a renewable source of coral blocks.
  • Last Ruins: This is the last ruined ruin. Although there is nothing inside, if you are lucky you will find dragon eggs.

Above is all the information about Dungeons Plus Mod Wiki. This is an interesting mod board at Best Minecraft Mods that attracts the attention of many people. If you are interested in this mod board, please quickly download it to your device right away!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.4 Jan 12, 2024 1.22 MB
1.20.1 Jan 12, 2024 1.23 MB
1.19.4 Mar 19, 2023 1.17 MB
1.19.3 Dec 22, 2022 1.17 MB
1.19.2 Oct 5, 2022 1.12 MB
1.18.2 Oct 5, 2022 1.12 MB
1.16.5 Jan 15, 2021 360.68 KB
1.16.4 Oct 14, 2020 165.86 KB
1.16.4 Oct 14, 2020 165.86 KB
1.16.1 Jun 28, 2020 174.59 KB
1.15.2 May 30, 2020 173.59 KB
1.14.4 May 30, 2020 173.74 KB


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