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FancyMenu Mod

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FancyMenu Mod helps players customize the menu in many different ways, making the Minecraft playing experience completely upgraded. Follow the article below to better understand the wiki of this interesting mod board!

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FancyMenu Mod Minecrasft

FancyMenu Mod

In order to overcome the inconvenience when playing games, FancyMenu Mod Wiki was created to help you customize the menu bar as you like. It also has the ability to customize the menu bar even while in the game without having to exit or use any other tools. More specifically, this mod board can not only adjust normal toolbars, but it can also adjust title bars as well as menus added by other mod boards. 

Just download this mod board, and you can completely adjust the menu bar with just the buttons on the right corner.

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This is the mod that many people are most interested in and sought after today. So what outstanding features does this mod possess? Follow along with the content below:

  • Improved automatic buttons help players easily operate and control while participating in the game without having to exit
  • The URL text is displayed and follows the game line to make it easier for you to follow
  • The menu bar has two new features added: animation and display sound
  • The menu bar decoration becomes more vivid, colorful, and eye-catching than the previous traditional version.
  • Buttons to open links and send text appear on the display screen
  • You can change the button names according to your preference

The above article is all information about FancyMenu Mod – the mod board that most people are interested in at Best Minecraft Mods. Quickly download it right away, you will definitely have a great experience when owning a custom menu bar in the most convenient way.

Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.4 Jan 5, 2024 1.49 MB
1.20.2 Sep 23, 2023 1.25 MB
1.20.1 Jun 23, 2023 1.25 MB
1.19.4 Mar 17, 2023 1.05 MB
1.19.3 Dec 19, 2022 1.04 MB
1.19.2 Apr 6, 2023 1.28 MB
1.18.2 Apr 6, 2023 1.27 MB
1.18.1 Dec 9, 2021 36.49 KB
1.17.1 Sep 22, 2021 566.61 KB
1.16.5 Oct 18, 2022 903.05 KB
1.16.4 Nov 4, 2020 335.21 KB
1.16.1 Jun 29, 2020 535.23 KB
1.15.2 Oct 2, 2020 512.18 KB
1.15.2 May 19, 2020 505.71 KB
1.14.4 Jun 27, 2020 526.44 KB
1.12.2 Sep 10, 2022 898.22 KB
1.8.9 Dec 18, 2020 332.13 KB


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