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Discover a new guide for Frozen Up Mod Wiki. Frozen Up Mod adds a lot of novelties created to the snow biome in order to improve the snow biome in a more unique way. As before, the cold biomes have only rudimentary features, thus preventing people from starting to explore such a fascinating part of Minecraft.

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With novel animals, unique reliefs and cubes, The Biomes will be more appealing and appealing to adventurers from all over the world. Players can even tame these adorable chilloos to facilitate adventures.

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Chilloo is a new type of fluffy mob that lives in cold places, this funny looking reptile is the perfect companion for any winter lover!

In the game

Chilloos can be tamed with Truffles and like any other pet, once tamed, they will obey their owners and respect their commands. They don’t have any dyeable necklaces, you can change the color of their little tail band instead! Isn’t that adorable? Chilloos are afraid of all types of Foxes, but only the Arctic Fox is a threat to them. They can hold items in their mouths (if tamed, click them with your bare hands to get their items!) and will actively seek out any items left on the ground unsupervised.

If the chilloo is holding any Food, over a period of time they will consume it, while if it is holding a Non-Food, they will gladly exchange it for any Food they see. on the floor. Tamed chilloos can be healed with Truffles, they can be crossed with Potatoes, Beets and Carrots, and they will shed a few feathers upon death.

In the mod, chiloos have 2 main uses:


Any adult chilloo can be right-clicked with Scissors (or any item in the #c:shears item tag if on fabric), when cut they will drop a random amount of Chilloo Feathers from 2 to 7. Cropped chilloos will randomly grow back to their feathers after 4200 in a game tick. Chiloos that have their feathers cut will start shivering in the cold biome, while chiloos that still have feathers will start to sweat in the warm biome!


Chiloos have a random chance to dig items from the ground while on earth-like blocks. With chilloos, items can be dug up such as:

  • Radish root
  • Potatoes
  • Poisonous potato
  • Carrot
  • Frozen truffles

Pro tip: to get your first truffle from a wild chilloo, throw them a Food Item when they dig up Frozen Truffles and they’ll swap these two up since they can’t eat them.


Wild chillos can be found in the Snowy Plains and Snowy Taigas forming small herds of 2 to 6 individuals.

Frozen Up Items

Chilloo Feathers

  • Chilloo Feather is a new item that represents the Chilloo’s feathers!
  • Chilloo feathers are obtained from cutting Chilloo feathers, and can be used in a variety of recipes to create Chilloo Fur Blocks.


Mugs are a new way to mix ingredients together and enjoy drinks!

The cup can be drunk directly or set to drink at any time by right-clicking. They can be placed in all major directions but their placement depends on the hand the player uses to place them, the cup handle will always make sense whether you are left-handed, right-handed or simply is to use your left hand to place it .

In the mod there are 3 drinks that the cup can hold:

  • Milk: Drinking from any cup of milk removes all status effects from the player
  • Milk chocolate: Drinking from any Chocolate Milk Cup removes all status effects from the player, but gives them Regeneration and Speed II for 200 in a game tick
  • Truffle hot chocolate: Drinking from any Cup of Truffle Hot Chocolate removes all negative status effects from the player and gives them Rebirth II with 500 in-game points and Speed II with 200 in-game points


  • Empty cup
  • Glass of milk
  • Cup of chocolate milk
  • Cup of truffle hot chocolate

Frozen Truffle:

  • Frozen truffles are the source of most of the features that are part of the mod.
  • Frozen Truffles can be used to make Truffles and tame/heal Chilloo
  • To get frozen truffles, you have to find some wild Chilloo and throw them a Food Item when they dig one, then they swap the two, since they can’t be eaten. frozen truffles.


  • Truffles are a new ingredient with healing properties that players need to obtain through Chilloos

Truffle Muffin:

  • Truffle muffins are a new food source that can be made with Truffles
  • Truffle muffins are just regular food in your old minecraft, but they are classified as snacks so they can be eaten faster than usual!
  • Truffle muffins can be obtained by combining Truffle, a little wheat, and a little sugar.

Frozen Up Blocks

Chilloo Feather Blocks

Ice Blocks

Truffle Cake:

  • Ever wanted a cake? Maybe a chocolate cake? Add some truffles to it and that’s it!
  • The truffle cake basically works like a minecraft cake, it can be put down and right clicked to eat. Truffles are only divided into 4 slices but bring a feeling of hunger and fuller for each slice. Also, like Mugs of Truffle Hot Chocolate, They also remove all negative status effects from the player.

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