Gardening Tools Mod

Gardening Tools Mod

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Gardening Tools Mod adds many tools to help your farming become much more exciting when participating in Minecraft. The following article will provide detailed information about the wiki of this mod board. Let’s follow along!

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Gardening Tools Mod

Gardening Tools Mod

If in traditional versions, growing crops is difficult due to the lack of basic and advanced tools, the Gardening Tools Mod has overcome most of these disadvantages. This mod board helps players grow crops more easily by adding tools such as nets, hoes, sticks, plant pots, watering cans, etc. Thanks to that, players get a more epic game world and feeling. The experience has also been completely upgraded.

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This mod board has provided players with many different gardening tools, from basic to advanced. Specifically, the following are the typical tools provided and helpful to players:

  • Irrigation core: is the main water reservoir to serve the player’s watering needs. This core will never run out of water, so you can rest assured that the water supply is regular and adequate.
  • Tree planting aircraft: can plant trees automatically and quickly. The planting system will be activated if you press the button and the plants will be seeded evenly on the ground.
  • Fertilizer: includes many types of fertilizer with many different uses to help plants grow well.
  • Watering can: capable of quickly watering a larger area.

Above is all the information about Gardening Tools Mod that we want to bring to readers. This is one of the mods in Best Minecraft Mods and helps a lot to make your farming more modern. If you want to experience the advantages of this mod board, quickly download it to your device!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.1 Jul 4, 2023 73.98 KB
1.19.4 May 2, 2023 75.86 KB
1.19.2 Aug 4, 2022 84.68 KB
1.19.1 Jun 25, 2022 84.68 KB
1.18.2 Dec 2, 2021 3.47 KB
1.18.2 Dec 2, 2021 83.47 KB
1.17.1 Jul 29, 2021 84.89 KB
1.16.5 Nov 29, 2020 76.46 KB
1.16.4 Oct 3, 2020 41.85 KB
1.16.3 Aug 19, 2020 38.57 KB
1.16.3 Aug 19, 2020 38.57 KB
1.16.1 Jul 24, 2020 38.56 KB
1.15.2 Feb 6, 2020 40.71 KB
1.15.1 Dec 19, 2019
1.14.4 Nov 19, 2019 36.90 KB


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