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Discover a new guide for Hatchery Mod Wiki. Hatchery Mod adds new meaning to raising chickens in Minecraft. Hatchery adds new Blocks, AI and Items to assist payers in raising their own chickens. New blocks include nests for incubating newborn chicks, and Nesting Cages for adult chickens to lay more eggs at a faster rate.

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The new mating AI no longer produces a new chicken but an egg that must be incubated. Various items allow you to customize your incubation to increase the variation in the number of eggs hatching as well as increase the hatching rate.

Hatchery Mod Wiki Guide:

  • RF Generator with Methane Decomposition Engine.
  • Rooster.
  • Fertilizer mixing block.
  • New chicken mating AI.
  • Chicken mod support.
  • Support Waila.
  • JEI support.
  • Nest to incubate eggs.
  • Animal Net (Used to catch animal mobs).
  • Fertilized Dirt & Fertilized Farmland (Using a hoe).
  • Chicken Feeding Machine (Increase the growth rate of chicks. And the rate of free-range chickens).
  • Fallen chicken coop.
  • The nesting cage will automatically spawn/Release eggs with adjacent cells on the sides (N,S,E,W).
  • Sprayer (Used to spray liquid fertilizer to convert large farmland into fertilized farmland).
  • Liquid fertilizer.
  • Inventory support for other mods.
  • Lucky Eggs and Lucky Egg Machine.

Hatchery Mod Crafting Recipes:

Nest egg

Egg nests are used to incubate the eggs dropped from chickens.

Currently, the chicken’s chance of spawning is 100%. But for added realism there will be a chance of survival that can be modified to increase or increase speed.

Add a redstone lamp that acts as a heat lamp above the egg. It will now increase the hatching rate of eggs
Standing on the nest will help the eggs hatch faster.

Nesting pen

  • The nesting coop will house chickens that can hold inventory.
  • Shedding, droppings & sometimes Incubation eggs based on parents.
  • Items can be led/hopper out.
  • Now they will also collect the drops from the chickens.
  • The nesting coop looks in (N, W, S, E) for other coops and will spawn with hens that drop eggs 100% of the time every 7 minutes.

Chicken feeder

  • Fill the seed tray
    The feeder has a visual avatar when full.
    The feeder will increase the growth rate of chicks within a block radius of 4×4
    The feeder also slightly increases the drop rate of the chicken
    The power supply unit has inventory support and will accept input.
    The final feeder will have visual support for the amount of particles inside the feeder.

Fertilized soil

  • Dirty Fertilizer.
  • Agricultural land is fertilized.
  • Cause random bone meal update.. increase growth time of plants and trees.

Chicken poop

  • Acts like bone meal.
  • The chicken fell into the coop.
  • Used to make Fertilizer Dirty.
  • Can be used as a liquid fertilizer to turn soil/agriculture into fertilized soil.

Hatchery Mod Animal nets

  • Allows you to take passive mobs to move them to a new area.
  • Animal nets are needed to add chickens to the nesting coop.
  • Now stackable up to 16 when empty.

Nursery supervision

Used to classify babies from adults.
Can be used to go from egg pen > kids pen > adult > your mouth.
One side has a Baby Egg logo, the other side is an adult feather.

Liquid fertilizer

Combine a block of Manure with a bucket of water to make liquid fertilizer.

Methane gas generator

Turn liquid fertilizer into RF. Bucket is not working. only pipes from other mods.
Methane Digester is the only block that currently has upgrades to increase the number of ticks per second.

Fertilizer sprayer

Fill up the spray from the liquid tank, or the fertilizer liquid placed in the world, or a new crafting recipe.
The sprayer will convert soil/agricultural land into fertilized soil/soil.
The sprayer will also give the plants a bone meal effect (Works with Mystical Agriculture).

Fertilizer mixer

Add manure and water, and liquid fertilizer appears. Teams works in the GUI but is crashing now.
The mixer does not need power to mix, but works very slowly when the power is off.


Dropping feathers into or on this machine will cut feathers into feather powder and feathers.
This block will eventually have support (CraftTweaker/MineTweaker).

Lucky egg beater

Feed the lucky egg machine plastic and eggs, then power it to create lucky eggs.
This new machine may change a bit to a coin-operated machine.. feed it gold nuggets/coins…
Lucky Eggs will give you prizes when you open them. (right click)


Hatching eggs are released from chickens when they are mated. No longer mating will give you an example chicken.
Options in configuration.

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