Hide Names Mod

Hide Names Mod

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Hide Names Mod provides Minecraft players with the ability to customize hide/show nameplates depending on the player’s purpose and requirements. Please follow the following article to better understand the wiki of this interesting mod board!

Hide Names Mod

Hide Names Mod for Minecraft

Usually, Minecraft players are quite shy when their nametag is exposed and other players can see it easily. Understanding that, Hide Names Mod was formed, adding an exciting function of hiding nameplates. Don’t stop there, you can freely edit other people’s nameplates as well as the display and color of the nameplates to your liking. 

This way you can freely create interesting characters, making the gaming experience more fun. At the same time, this mod board also helps friends in the game world become more connected when they understand each other and the cute nicknames they have for each other.

In addition, if you want to experience more mod boards with the feature of increasing experience points when blocks are broken, you can refer to Exp Ore Mod.

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Below are the interesting features that this mod board provides to players. Specifically, you can follow the following syntax to install the nameplate according to your wishes:

  • Reset nameplate: /hidden names setName [player(s)]
  • Hide/show nametag: /hiddennamesnametagVisible [player(s)] [true/false]
  • Change nameplate color: /hidden names setName [player(s)] color [color]
  • Change animation icon: /hidden names setName [player(s)] animation [animation]
  • Hide unnecessary blocks: /hidden names blockHideName [true/false]
  • Show previously hidden nameplates again: /hidden names defaultVisible [true/false]

Above is all the information about Hide Names Mod Wiki – the famous mod board at Best Minecraft Mods. It helps players when they can customize the nameplate display mode according to the player’s requirements. If you are interested, quickly download it to your device to experience it right away!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.12.2 Jun 11, 2017 18.42 KB
1.11.2 Mar 26, 2017 18.42 KB
1.10.2 Aug 31, 2016 18.90 KB
1.9.4 Jun 27, 2016 18.72 KB
1.8.9 Aug 10, 2016 19.36 KB
1.7.10 Sep 11, 2014 18.20 KB
1.7.2 Jul 18, 2014 17.41 KB
1.6.4 Nov 24, 2013 17.77 KB
1.6.2 Aug 13, 2013 18.40 KB
1.5.2 Aug 13, 2013 17.60 KB


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