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Discover a new guide for Howling Moon Mod at MC Wiki. The Howling Moon mod allows players to become werewolves. A werewolf whose traits have been enhanced in various aspects such as strength and speed. A werewolf’s abilities are affected by its ferocity. Higher levels of barbarism improve werewolf attributes and skills but also cost more. When transformed, werewolves can only eat meat. Roam in the night to hunt wild animals like werewolves.

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Howling Moon Mod Wiki

Howling Moon Wiki

This mod allows players to become werewolves.


To become a werewolf, the player must infect a werewolf that attacks (on the night of a full moon) in a jungle area. When infected, the player will transform on the night of the first full moon.

Once the player becomes a werewolf, they will be able to view their werewolf stats and access a menu that allows them to customize their textures, models, and abilities. 1.12.2 – Version 0.9 information


  • Changed the default kill switch to J.
  • Werewolf menu: KY

Text command

  • /werewolves
  • /werelevel amount>
  • /wereprogress [0-8] [-1, 0, 1]

Pearl moon

  • Obtained by defeating the hunter holding them.
  • Necessary for Werewolves to progress. (each level 5 reserve pearls and sleep at night)
  • You can reveal the identities of unmorphed werewolves near their owners.
  • I will use it for future recipes. Hunter’s Hut and Banner
  • Can be created near the village. To protect the villagers from werewolves and zombies.
  • Banners act as gathering points for hunters and have the ability to spawn hunters around them.
  • You can select a banner and move it. However, the Hunter will not spawn when placed by a Werewolf. Silver
  • The tool/weapon used in the “IngotSilver” recipe from OreDictionary works against werewolf weaknesses.
  • Some areas were a bit rushed to prepare. In 1.0, some areas of the surface have been improved.

There’s already a warning in the game, but if you’re level 20 you should only wear moonstone while sleeping. The final area is designed to destroy you through the test slides instead of pushing you out.

Dimensions prevent blocks from being placed or destroyed, except in creative mode.
If you’re stuck in a trap, either the NPC can’t spawn or you’re stuck (there’s always a hole in the corner near the spawn area so you can get out). Going back (if possible) will solve the NPC’s spawn problem. If not, delete “DIM-HM-FOREST” in the world folder. It should not be deployed while the game is running. as it will rebuild. Players may get a “Cascading World Lag” error when logging in if the player is grayed out and the folder has been deleted. It’s okay, don’t worry.

Wolf texture

If you like the old Wolfsbane textures, you can replace them with:

  • Texture load
  • Rename it to “Wolfbane”.
  • Open the JAR of this mod (can use 7-Zip or WinRAR)
  • Paste the texture into assets\howlingmoon\textures\blocks\.

Installation Instructions:

  • Request forging
  • Recommended version or higher.
  • Put the jar in your mods folder.

Update History

Version Date Size
1.12.2 May 30, 2018 811.27 KB
1.11.2 Apr 28, 2017 674.44 KB
1.10.2 Apr 27, 2017 675.35 KB
1.8.2 Jan 11, 2016 574.29 KB
1.7.2 Sep 18, 2015 92.53 KB

Howling Moon is one of the best Cosmetic mods that Minecraft Wiki has just updated to Minecraft Mods list


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