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Discover a new guide for Immersive Portals at MC Wiki. The vanilla nether portals are just purple blocks. And you will see loading screens as you move between the afterlife and the afterlife. Immersive Portals Mod improves portals. Now you can see through the portal. To enter the Nether, just go inside.

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Immersive Portals Wiki

Description of the latest version of the Immersive Portals Wiki mod

Can be used in multiplayer

This mod must be installed on both machines: the server and the clients. (It’s not a plugin so it can’t be used with Bukkit, Spigot or Paper.)

Sodium tolerance

In MC 1.19.x, Fabric will issue an incompatibility warning if you are using an incompatible version.
With MC 1.18.2, the latest version of ImmPtl is mostly compatible with Sodium 0.4.1.

With version 1.17.1, the latest ImmPtl is mostly compatible with Sodium 0.3.4.

You can use this in 1.16.5.

Mod compatibility

  • The Immersive Portals mod is not compatible with some mods. Before using this mod, you should check for known compatibility issues. Mods that are not related to the internal game mechanics are compatible with ImmPtl.
  • Mod compatibility issue not intended. Compatibility issues arise from the way computer programs work.
  • It will break in ImmPtl, if a mod is programmed to apply the fact that only one dimension is loaded on the client.

It takes a lot of effort to fix compatibility issues. Compatibility issues can be solved with special hard and fragile hacks. This mod is compatible with Sodium and Iris through a special hack that is very fragile (the next version of Sodium/Iris may not be compatible with ImmPtl). I have marked OptiFine as incompatible because most mods derived from OptiFine are much harder to target and hack.

Portals impact performance

Loading more blocks and rendering more will affect performance. The developers put a lot of effort into optimizing the performance of this mod and making the port rendering compatible with Sodium. It is recommended to install Starlight and Sodium to improve performance.

You need to allocate more memory for Minecraft. Not enough memory slows down the game. Even if your computer has a lot of memory, Minecraft can only be allocated 2 GB by default. Allocate more RAM to increase performance.

I want to report an issue

  • This mod is very complex and the core of the mod is mainly developed by an individual in his spare time. Expected to be incomplete.
  • How to integrate portals from other mods.
  • Datapack can be used to convert portals from other mods into transparent portals. How to Build a Survivable Portal Helper.
  • You can create other blocks that act as portal helpers. look

Nether portals are not transparent.

This mod does not change the existing vanilla ports. A new portal must be opened. Connect your nether port.
You can only bind to empty obsidian frames of the same shape and orientation (unless you change the binding portal mode to adaptive). Not associated with vanilla nether ports.

Update History

Version Date Size
1.19.4 Apr 9, 2023 2.58 MB
1.19.3 Dec 18, 2022 2.44 MB
1.19.2 Aug 6, 2022 2.35 MB
1.19.1 Jul 30, 2022 2.35 MB
1.18.2 Mar 17, 2022 2.19 MB
1.18.1 Dec 13, 2021 2.12 MB
1.17.1 Jul 12, 2021 2.08 MB
1.16.5 Jan 24, 2021 1.24 MB
1.16.4 Jul 25, 2021 1.24 MB
1.16.3 Sep 17, 2020 1.24 MB
1.16.2 Aug 26, 2020 1.32 MB
1.16.1 Jun 25, 2020 1.21 MB
1.15.2 Mar 8, 2020 1.05 MB
1.15.1 Dec 19, 2019 337.41 KB
1.14.4 Aug 18, 2019 226.92 KB

Immersive Portals is one of the best mods that Minecraft Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list


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