Infinite Trading Mod

Infinite Trading Mod

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Infinite Trading Mod allows players to simplify their trading transactions in Minecraft. This mod board has changed quite a few things in your game world. So please follow the following article to better understand this interesting mod board’s wiki!

Infinite Trading Mod

Infinite Trading Mod for Minecraft

One difficulty players often encounter when experiencing Minecraft is the limited number of goods transactions. It causes delays in supply and purchases, and even shortages of goods. Understanding this, Infinite Trading Mod was released with ineffective features and an unlimited number of transactions. Therefore, players can comfortably trade without worrying about running out of transactions or overloading. In addition, homeless people can now also get food easily. This is a new innovation that makes your game world more epic and complete. This mod board is like a bright light that changes the entire surface and quality for participants.

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The following are the features that contribute to the highlight of this mod board:

  • This mod board is part of your Vanilla experience.
  • The trading modes are in control and you can turn them on or off whenever needed.
  • Items related to emeralds will be discovered more, and they will also appear everywhere to support wanderers.
  • This mod board will be useful for all players as well as homeless people.

Above is all the information about Infinite Trading Mod Wiki – The mod board brings a breath of fresh air to Best Minecraft Mods. It allowed the villagers’ trading to become easier than before. If you are also interested in this mod board, quickly download it to your device to experience it right away!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.4 Dec 8, 2023 50.41 KB
1.20.3 Dec 7, 2023 50.41 KB
1.20.2 Sep 22, 2023 42.71 KB
1.20.1 Jun 13, 2023 42.71 KB
1.19.4 Mar 16, 2023 42.76 KB
1.19.3 Dec 8, 2022 7.24 KB
1.19.2 Aug 6, 2022 7.58 KB
1.19.1 Jul 28, 2022 7.58 KB
1.18.2 Mar 2, 2022 7.64 KB
1.18.1 Dec 11, 2021 7.12 KB
1.17.1 Jul 27, 2021 7.31 KB
1.16.5 Jan 25, 2021 7.10 KB
1.16.4 Nov 4, 2020 7.10 KB
1.16.3 Sep 28, 2020 7.10 KB
1.16.2 Aug 17, 2020 7.10 KB
1.16.1 Jun 27, 2020 4.97 KB
1.15.2 Aug 17, 2020 7.08 KB
1.14.4 Aug 17, 2020 7.07 KB
1.13.2 Oct 22, 2019 4.22 KB


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