Mimicry Mod

Mimicry Mod

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Mimicry Mod adds follow-through features inspired by resources such as ores and furnaces. Do you know anything about this special mod board? If not, please join us through the article below to better understand the wiki of this exciting newly launched mod board!

Mimicry Mod

Mimicry Mod for Minecraft

Mimicry Mod adds the feature of copying recipes for many different resources to bring players the most interesting experiences. The special thing is that this mod table combines with Mimichite to make your resources more diverse thanks to copying the formula to create more ores.
Because of the importance of Mimichite, players need to exploit and hold this resource if they want to have more resources. Besides, you should not misunderstand that this is a mod table that can copy items, it simply helps you create new items identical to the old items by creating your actions. perform.
In addition to this mod board, if you want to participate in the mod board related to nuclear atoms, please refer to and download the Atomic Science Mod immediately!


Below are the most basic features that this mod board aims to bring to players when experiencing:

  • Making dyes became simpler and more new colors appeared.
  • NEI or CraftBook are places where you can discover more interesting new recipes.
  • You can customize the number of items that can be created after each crafting session thanks to the available features.
  • Items that can be smelted will produce much more output.

Mimichite can also create and produce other dangerous ores such as Overworld, Nether, and End.
Above is all the information about Mimicry Mod Wiki – the mod board present at Best Minecraft Mods with the ability to follow many different resources. The mod board will bring you new exciting experiences when downloading this mod board to your device!


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