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Discover a new guide for Mystical Agradditions Wiki. Mystical Agradditions Mod is an addon for Mystical Agriculture Mod. It has 2 Nether star seeds that should be planted on the Nether star crux block and the awakened draconium seed will be planted on the awakened draconium crux block.

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Mystical Agradditions Mod Wiki

Mystical Agradditions Featured:

Essence level 6: Insanium

This includes all the different blocks/items that come with each essence.
This also includes Level 6 Hell Seeds.
Does NOT include furnaces, tools, armor and anything of that nature.

Plants level 6

Current Crops: Nether Star, Awakened Draconium & Dragon Egg (1.12)
These crops have very little chance of dropping a second seed.
These crops cannot be fertilized with Fertilizer Essence or Magic Fertilizer. (configurable)
These crops need a special block (called a pivot) placed underneath them in order to grow.
Press ‘R’ when hovering over level 6 essence to see the requirements in JEI.
(They can also be disabled in the config if you find them too powerful)

Tinkers’ build integration

Added tool materials for Base Essence, Prosperity Shard, Soulium and Inferium -> Supremium.
New feature “Chunky”; makes Soulium tools/weapons drop mob blocks just like Soulium Dagger.
New feature “Prosperity”; gives tools/weapons with this trait a chance to drop Prosperity Shards.
You can also create forging tools from Blocks.

Pure Paxel

Combination of Ax, Pickaxe and Shovel.
Works like all of them combined.

Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.1 Jun 22, 2023 305.0 KB
1.19.4 Mar 27, 2023 296.0 KB
1.19.3 Jan 1, 2023 296.0 KB
1.19.2 Aug 8, 2022 1.19.2
1.19.1 Aug 8, 2022 277.5 KB
1.18.2 Mar 12, 2022 261.0 KB
1.18.1 Dec 16, 2021 247.5 KB
1.16.5 Jan 3, 2021 149.2 KB
1.16.4 Nov 5, 2020 93.0 KB
1.16.3 Sep 19, 2020 93.0 KB
1.16.1 Aug 5, 2020 93.0 KB
1.15.2 Jan 29, 2020 88.2 KB
1.14.4 Jan 10, 2020 91.6 KB
1.12.2 Sep 5, 2017 112.8 KB
1.12.2 Jul 24, 2017 94.1 KB
1.11.2 Apr 3, 2017 79.6 KB
1.10.2 Apr 3, 2017 79.6 KB

Mystical Agradditions is one of the best mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list


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