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Name Pain Mod brings an extremely attractive and unique color-changing feature for players in Minecraft. Please follow the following article to get more interesting information about the wiki of this epic mod!

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Name Pain Mod Minecraft

Name Pain Mod

Name Pain Mod Wiki adds a high level of aesthetics to the game by being able to change the player’s color depending on different situations. Additionally, the color and opacity displayed will be based on the player’s strength. Therefore, you can track or observe your enemies and friends by the displayed color tones. 

Besides, the colors are synchronized from the player to the items used, including pets. So you can distinguish and recognize them more easily, thereby increasing convenience when experiencing the game.

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The following are the outstanding features that this mod board brings when it is released:

  • Players can see their pet’s name by medium and identify them by color without having to look directly.
  • You can easily recognize crowds from a distance when they are preparing to attack.
  • Villager names are clearly displayed at every angle so you can see them when observing.
  • The display color of the nameplate shows whether the health of the player or surrounding objects and villagers is good or not.
  • If your nameplate gradually turns red, this shows that your health is decreasing significantly. So pay more attention to this.
  • On the other hand, if the nameplate unfortunately turns black, the player may face the risk of losing.

The above article is all information about Name Pain Mod. This mod board brings many interesting special features to the game world. At the same time, this is also one of the most sought-after mod boards in the Best Minecraft Mods. Hurry and download it to have interesting experiences!

Update History

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1.16.2 Aug 26, 2020 951.00 KB
1.16.1 Jul 15, 2020 1.04 MB
1.15.2 Jul 7, 2020 919.96 KB
1.14.4 Jul 16, 2020 1.04 MB


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