NoCubes Mod

NoCubes Mod

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NoCubes Mod is the first mod board with the function of completely changing the terrain in the game Minecraft. Please join us in following the following article to better understand the wiki of this interesting and special mod board!

Mod type:

  • Cosmetic

NoCubes Mod

NoCubes Mod for Minecraft

Instead of pristine, traditional scenes, NoCubes Mod was launched with the mission of adding many new, more beautiful landscapes, helping the Minecraft world become more vivid and diverse. Specifically, the outstanding landscapes added in this mod table are notably the flowing mountains and vast green plateaus,… In particular, these landscapes are attractive because they can curl and stretch. create beautiful terrain at any time.

This mod table is developed and suitable for most versions so any player has the opportunity to experience it. Furthermore, when you join, you can choose your own modes depending on your purposes. It is known that this mod board is currently compatible with a number of other mod boards on the market such as BetterFoliage, OptiFine, Dynamic Light, and Shaders.

This mod board is quite special because it basically changes and adds special new features but still retains the FPS configuration. Typically when you choose features to change the terrain, the actual structure inside is still the original square block.

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To better understand this mod board, you can refer to the information below to better understand its characteristics:

  • The landscape becomes smoother, more rounded, and appears larger even though its area remains the same as before.
  • Most of the landforms are spherical like the shape of the real earth. This is a special feature that this mod board brings to meet the observation needs of game participants.
  • The light also becomes more stable, so you can freely reach the sun or sea with ease.
  • You can also manually adjust the branches and trunk to make them look more realistic.
  • This mod board also fixes some common errors previously encountered in vanilla liquids. Specifically, the liquid now has different vivid colors instead of the natural color as before.

Above is all the information about NoCubes Mod Wiki – The mod board adds many new features and changes the entire gameplay of Minecraft in Best Minecraft Mods. If you are interested and want to experience the functions of this mod board, please quickly download it to your device to experience it!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.1 Sep 6, 2023 241.97 KB
1.19.4 Apr 12, 2023 242.12 KB
1.19.3 Feb 21, 2023 241.89 KB
1.19.2 Aug 21, 2022 238.03 KB
1.19.1 Aug 21, 2022 237.99 KB
1.18.2 Mar 9, 2022 239.84 KB
1.18.1 Dec 31, 2021 219.12 KB
1.16.5 Dec 31, 2021 204.38 KB
1.14.4 Aug 4, 2019 317.81 KB
1.14.4 Aug 4, 2019 317.81 KB
1.13.2 Feb 19, 2019 129.36 KB
1.12.2 Dec 29, 2018 130.00 KB


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