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Discover a new guide for Nomadic Tents Mod at MC Wiki.  Nomadic Tents Mod gives you a portable, themed pocket size for a home setup. Nomadic Tents is a mod that provides us with several tents, although here we call them tents. That they keep inside a trip to the carp dimension.

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Since it would be:

  • Interior
  • Where to store chests
  • Bed
  • Crafting table
  • Anything we want.

This mod will take your home with you!

  • Build a Yurt, Tepee or Bedouin,
  • Establish
  • Removed
  • Never worry about your housing again.

Tents come in 3 sizes:

  • Small (5×5),
  • Medium (7×7)
  • Large (9×9).


Step 1: Set up the tent

So far, you have 3 options for your tent:

  • Yurt
  • Tepee
  • Bedouin.

Each can be scaled up by crafting it according to the previous recipe. Warning: Upgrading the tent will lose items!

To build a Yurt, make the tent canvas and Yurt wall pieces.

To craft Tepees, create Tepee Wall Pieces using 4 skins.

Finally, to build the Bedouin, make the Bedouin wall pieces with regular wool:

Step 2: Set up the tent

  • First make a tent mallet. The tent will not set up on its own!
  • Place frame blocks according to your tent shape using tent items. Then smash each piece with Tent Mallet to build. This will take about a minute in real time, so don’t wait until nightfall to start!
  • Super Tent Mallet with one click, can do this! The recipe uses enchanted golden apples or golden blocks, depending on the configuration.

Step 3: Enjoy the tent!

After setting up the tent, click on the door to enter.

What is this?

  • The tent is 5×5 when you set it up, but the inside is much bigger!
  • Average Bedouin inside
  • That’s the magic of the Nomad Tent:

Every tent is the same size on the outside, takes about the same time to set up, but the inside can be luxurious and spacious! If you upgrade it, that is.

Outside yurt:

  • Large yurt inside (fire included):
  • External Tepee:
  • Large Tepee Inside:
  • Outside Bedouin:

Step 4: Move the tent

  • How useful is a house when it’s stuck in one place? Not very helpful, which is why the Nomad Tent exists in the first place!
  • Simply use the Tent Mallet on the door to tear down your tent structure. Put it somewhere else and everything will stay inside.

Nomadic Tents Mod is one of the best home mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list

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