Open Loader Mod

Open Loader Mod

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Open Loader Mod has a comprehensive save file that allows players to load data packs and load resource packs extremely quickly and easily in Minecraft. If you don’t know about the wiki of this mod board, please refer to the article below!

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Open Loader Mod

Open Loader Mod

Open Loader Mod allows players to download data packs and resource packs quickly and easily compared to the complexity of before. This is thanks to the saved files in the version of the game that this mod board has built into the download package.

A big advantage that this mod board brings is that it allows the game to be more coherent and connected than previously released mod boards. When players use the device on the same PC, connectivity between packages will be guaranteed. Therefore, when you experience the extension, it also feels like an experience on a real server.

In addition, if you want to experience the mod board with the feature that allows players to share other mods with the client, you can refer to it and download MaLiLib Mod immediately. 


The following are the characteristics of data packages and resource packages:

  • Data package

The data package will include downloads of various and necessary tools. Typically recipes, loot tables, functions, and other game mechanics. Currently, there are many other mods that also take from this data pack to handle custom formula systems according to the player’s wishes. It allows you to create your own recipes and designs.

  • Resource pack:

Resource packs that define textures, translations, sounds, and other customer data. You can use them to overwrite existing resources. On the other hand, new resources are also added and allow players to record if needed.

Above is all the information about Open Loader Mod Wiki. This is the most popular mod board at Best Minecraft Mods. If you like it, quickly download it to your device to have the opportunity to experience the highlights!

Open Loader Mod Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.4 Jan 13, 2024 21.06 KB
1.20.3 Jan 9, 2024 21.06 KB
1.20.2 Nov 15, 2023 21.22 KB
1.20.1 Jul 17, 2023 14.79 KB
1.19.4 Mar 19, 2023 14.79 KB
1.19.3 Jan 12, 2023 14.80 KB
1.19.2 Aug 20, 2022 19.74 KB
1.19.1 Jul 29, 2022 19.74 KB
1.18.2 Mar 18, 2022 19.76 KB
1.18.1 Dec 29, 2021 46.67 KB
1.17.1 Jul 26, 2021 9.30 KB
1.16.5 Jan 29, 2021 10.56 KB
1.16.4 Nov 16, 2020 10.18 KB
1.16.3 Sep 12, 2020 7.23 KB
1.16.2 Sep 4, 2020 9.39 KB
1.16.1 Jul 30, 2020 9.05 KB
1.15.2 Feb 2, 2020 7.47 KB
1.15.1 Jan 6, 2020 7.15 KB
1.14.4 Dec 11, 2019 7.17 KB


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