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Discover a new guide for Origins Classes Mod Wiki. Origins Classes Mod is an addon for the Origins mod of Minecraft. You now also select a class, instead of just choosing an origin. Classes provide smaller benefits than origin, but they don’t have a downside.

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Not only choose an origin, but now you also choose a class if you want. Classes provide smaller benefits than origin, but they don’t have a downside.

These are the available classes:

Archers: your projectiles are more accurate; you are less slow when using the bow


  • animals with extra hearts
  • permanent damage
  • tamed by you
  • when you drink a potion
  • The effect also applies to nearby tamed animals

Blacksmith: tools and armor you craft offer small benefits; you can repair tools and armor more efficiently, both in anvil and through crafting

Chaplain: you can double the duration of the potion; you are better at enchanting

Cooking: the food you prepare provides more nutrients; you get extra XP from cooking food in a smoker

Explorer: you start the game with 9 blank maps, a compass and a clock; you don’t burn out when sprinting

Farmer: bone meal is twice as effective as you use it; crops sometimes yield double the loot when you harvest them

Lumberjack: crafting boards from logs gives you two extra boards; you cut down the whole tree at once when you use the ax

Traders: when you trade with villagers, their trades are not used up; wandering merchants give you special offers

Miner: you break all the stone blocks faster; you are not exhausted from mining blocks

Nitwit: You’re too good with everything

Farmers: sometimes they have a chance to give birth to twins when you breed animals; Animals killed by you have a double chance of dropping loot

Rogue: your name is never seen through the walls; you become invisible after sneaking for 10 seconds. Due to make less sound and deal double damage from behind.

Warrior: you deal +1 attack damage with all weapons; you are less slow when using shield

Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.1 Jul 2, 2023 163.0 KB
1.19.4 Jun 30, 2023 162.8 KB
1.19.3 Feb 17, 2023 160.2 KB
1.19.2 Jun 12, 2022 163.3 KB
1.18.2 Apr 15, 2022 162.6 KB
1.18.1 Dec 8, 2021 141.7 KB
1.17.1 Jul 18, 2021 143.9 KB
1.16.5 Oct 27, 2020 120.5 KB
1.16.4 Oct 27, 2020 120.5 KB
1.16.3 Aug 22, 2020 106.3 KB
1.16.2 Aug 12, 2020 107.3 KB
1.16.1 Aug 18, 2020 107.2 KB

Origins Classes is one of the best mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list


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