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Discover a new guide for Pam’s HarvestCraft Mod Wiki. This mod changes the vanilla food recovery values to encourage players to do more than just eat cooked pork chops throughout their entire Minecraft career. If this bothers you, change it in the configuration below enablevanillaBalance. Please note, HarvestCraft as a whole wants this option to always be true, so if you switch to false, vanilla food will be the best thing to eat again.

Pam's HarvestCraft Wiki

HarvestCraft 1 did not update 1.12.2 before To play with the most inviting HarvestCraft later, you should download the 4 latest Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 mods.

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Pam’s HarvestCraft is an ever-evolving mod for Minecraft that is now adding (as of MC version 1.12.2):

  • 80 new crops (including cotton for the chain)
  • 6 garden bushes to find and harvest for crops (pick them up or let them grow like mushrooms)
  • 50 fruit trees or items
  • 19 new fish (caught with a normal fishing rod)
  • Simple Beekeeping (includes candle blocks, wax/honey blocks, hard leather armor, wax as fuel)
  • Over 1400 new items and foods

Rebalanced vanilla food

  • Placeable cake blocks of all new cakes
  • Squeeze blocks allow you to produce resources (such as honey, bubbling water, bait, paper, etc.)
  • Well block gives endless water a better view
  • Market block allows you to buy farm animal spawn eggs, seeds, seedlings and bone meal for emeralds
  • Transport block allows you to sell crops, fish, meat and beekeeping items for emeralds
  • Ground Trap and Water Trap blocks allow you to use bait to ‘catch’ resources when placed in land/water
  • Use crops to grow instead of seeds (like vanilla potatoes/carrots)
  • Turn buckets of water and milk into a new version for easy recipe use
  • Use tofu meat substitutes for vegetarian/vegan recipes
  • Right click options to harvest/auto replant (including vanilla MC plants)
    lang file support
  • Better overall mod support for auto-harvest/etc.
  • Everything is in the Ore Dictionary for other modders to use the items easily
  • The config file has options for everything!

Pam’s HarvestCraft: Summer Farm Map

Now available for purchase on Minecraft Marketplace! Enjoy vanilla Minecraft food and crops re-textured into HarvestCraft items plus being able to explore beautifully crafted and beautifully crafted survival maps based on Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley! Meet villagers, transport crops in shipping crates for emeralds, and uncover exciting secrets! And then do everything normal Minecraft lets you do!

Pam’s HarvestCraft: Winter Farm Map

The second part of the Minecraft mod-inspired map series is finally out! Craftable items and interactive NPCs, Play with brand new winter-inspired crops!

  • Farm winter crops like sweet potatoes and more!
  • NEW: Hunt down wild hives and use them to collect awesome loot!
  • Sort your crops with the all-new sorter


I allow the use of the mod described above in free modpacks (donation, Patreon, etc) as long as you credit Pamela Collins (MatrexsVigil) and Rhodox of the Painterly Pack somewhere in the description and/or your modpack list of mods. I allow modification of the mod described above through add-ons, JSON files, or configuration changes as long as you keep your players informed of the changes and notify them that these are changes. your change, not mine.

I do NOT license anyone under any circumstances to distribute, recompile for non-educational purposes, sell for any currency, access only through payment (donation, Patreon is fine), renaming, server registration costs money to play (contributing, Patreon is fine), re-uploading/distributing ‘dead’ versions, using word textures or rough modifications mods described above for any reason unless you get written and dated permission from Me.

I appreciate that any modpack creator and/or server admin who would greatly benefit from having my mod in their pack/on their server would donate to my Patreon, but I don’t love ask for this.

Thank you for following this license. Please contact me using the contact information above if you need to ask a question or raise a concern.

Update History

Version Date Size
1.12.2 Jan 23, 2018 3.8 MB
1.12.1 Aug 2, 2017 3.4 MB
1.11.2 Jan 20, 2017 2.9 MB
1.11.2 Jan 20, 2017 2.9 MB
1.10.2 Jul 22, 2016 2.4 MB
1.9.2 Jun 7, 2016 2.4 MB
1.8.2 Apr 8, 2016 1.8 MB
1.7.2 Jul 18, 2014 1.5 MB
1.7.2 Jul 2, 2014 1.5 MB

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