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Pandoras Creatures Mod features the addition of a series of new royal mobs to the Minecraft game. It makes the player’s experience more interesting when there are new companions. Please refer to the article below to better understand this mod board!

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Pandoras Creatures Mod

Pandoras Creatures Mod for Minecraft

Players pay a lot of attention to the number of mobs in Minecraft. Because the greater the number of mobs, the player will feel happier and more alive. Through this, they have more friends to accompany them to overcome difficulties and challenges. 

Understanding that, Pandoras Creatures Mod was born and added a number of new mobs. However, currently, the number of mobs is still quite small but this mod board promises to add a large number in the near future. Therefore, more and more players have come to it and gradually downloaded it to wait for interesting things to happen.

A special thing is that the added mobs can be gentle or aggressive depending on their characteristics. Therefore, what you need to pay attention to is to study them carefully before contacting or getting close to avoid being attacked by danger.

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Here are some of the features that this mod board brings:

In Overworld

  • Arachnon: is a mixture of Golem and Spider. This is a small monster with extraordinary power, so you need to be very careful. Arachnon has the special characteristic of spawning at night in the Plains and Mountains biomes.
  • Crab: it is a gentle creature that will spawn on Beaches and Oceans, so many players often catch crabs to eat meat and provide necessary food. The crab has a very special feature: it will dance when it is near a jukebox.
  • Seahorse: 55 different variations, will spawn in Warm and Normal Oceans. People often harvest seahorses to make decorative items in the house.
  • Acidic Archvine: a plant that can spawn in jungles. However, this plant is very poisonous because it can swallow you whole at any time.

In Neither

  • Hellhound: a mob with a large number of enemies that will spawn throughout the Nether. Furthermore, this animal is completely immune to fire, so it is very dangerous for humans.
  • Acidic Archvine: a plant that can spawn in jungles and in the Netherlands. If the player is careless and stands under the tree, it will devour you whenever it wants.

Above is all the information about Pandoras Creatures Mod Wiki – One of the reputable and interesting mods at Best Minecraft Mods. This mod board will help you get better and more vivid playing experiences. So quickly download it to your device so you don’t miss it!

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1.16.5 Oct 26, 2020 1.39 MB
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1.15.2 May 8, 2020 1.31 MB
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