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Powah is a great Mod for Minecraft. Forge Energy is a very important position in the game. Without energy, your work will be difficult. That also means you don’t play as expected. This is one of the best mods that Minecraft Wiki has just updated

Powah mod wiki

So, when you create necessary energy, the most important thing is to have a place to store it and transmit it with the most suitable material. You need to make different modifications to create a complete structure, b

Powah Mod Wiki

We will talk more about these unique features. This is also the latest revision, which has it all because it is a unique technology mod that offers various options such as: create, store, and transmit.

Maybe you will have some difficulties, as recently this mod is a relatively new modification and can be considered the highlight of this year. The list of updated features is mentioned below, so go through it carefully.

Features of Powah Mod:

  • Energy storage: including Energy Cell and End Network
  • Ender Network: Includes Ender Cell, Ender and Gate
  • Generator: Includes Interior, Magmatic Generator, Thermoelectric Generator, Solar Panel and Reactor.
  • Other machines: including Discharger, Energy Hopper and Generator
  • Power cables are all very host-friendly.
  • It also helps prevent waterlogging.

Recent changes:

  • Completely rewritten Powah manual.
  • Improved all tooltips.
  • Add energy orb particles.
  • Added an energizing orb progress overlay.
  • Fixed generator bounding box and energy hopper like: voxel shapes.
  • Fixed reactor and some other non-rechargeable blocks being charged.
  • Graphic fix on Power Cable counter-intuitive, Close #107.
  • Fix cable not stacking, Close #104.
  • Switch to 1.16.3
  • Clean up.
  • Update lollipop to v3.2.0

Version Update

Version Date Size
1.16.5 Mar 9, 2021 1.14 MB
1.16.4 Jan 12, 2021 1.12 MB
1.16.3 Nov 1, 2020 1.11 MB
1.16.1 Aug 20, 2020 995.81 KB
1.15.2 Aug 5, 2020 985.25 KB
1.14.4 Mar 29, 2020 938.38 KB


Powah-Mod-1 Powah-Mod-2 Powah-Mod-3 Powah-Mod-4

How to install Powah Mod

Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge

Locate the Minecraft application folder.

  • Open Run from the start menu.
  • Type %appdata%, and click Run.

Input where Powah Mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.

When you open Minecraft, you see Powah Mod is installed then click the button mods

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