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Discover a new guide for Progressive Automation Mod Wiki. Progressive Automation Mod provides low-tech automation tools for common tasks. Tools will be upgraded as the player progresses.

Progressive Automation Mod Wiki

This mod provides great technologies with low-tech automation for common tasks, such as mining and cutting trees. True to the name of the mod, it offers even more upgrades for each machine.

The speed of their operation largely depends on the type of tools they are supplied with and the Progressive Automation machines use the tools to work with. Progressive Automators can use compatible tools from other mods, including basic Tinkers Construct tools.

This mod contains its machines that can consume RF as power and the Redstone Flux API.

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Progressive Automation Wiki

This amazing mod provides low-tech automation tools for common tasks. Tools can be upgraded as your player progresses.

Some of the interesting things that the mod adds you should discover are:

  • A low-tech miner that uses normal fuel. Replaces mining area with cobblestone and is infinitely expandable (with enough resources).
  • A simple tree farm planting and chopping trees.
  • A simple plant farm that grows and harvests crops.
  • A crafting machine will automatically craft using the contents of the inventory.
  • A Killer machine will attack mobs, animals, and even players.
  • An Animal Farmer to breed your animals, collect eggs, shear sheep and milk cows.
  • A simple generator will be more efficient as it gets upgraded.
  • End game tool is hard to break



There are 4 upgrade tiers that will upgrade most machines in the PA, usually range but they can do some other things. can check the block pages to know what status they do.


It will allow the machine to accept and run off RF energy instead of solid fuel. Alternatively, you can place this small item in the fuel slot of any PA machine.

Wither tool:

By channeling the energy of an underworld star into the underlying resources, it is possible to create a version of them that seems to be able to withstand a lot more durability. Using these resources, you will be able to create tools that can be used for a longer time, but otherwise have the same properties.

Mining tool:

This is a simple mining block that requires tools to run and fuel.

The Chopper:

A simple machine to create a tree farm. Requires an ax and fuel to run.

The Planter:

A simple machine to cultivate many different crops. Requires a pickaxe and fuel to run.
Generator: This is a simple Generator that only needs fuel to run. All tiers produce the same amount, the later tiers just produce faster.

The Crafters:

This machine, at the cost of a small amount of fuel, will craft an item selected in the left-hand crafting grid using the items located in the right-hand inventory.


Capacitors can supply power to the red side and will distribute power to the other faces. It has a slot that can be used to fill the RF motor.

Supported Mods:

Different machines directly support the following mods:

  • Tinkers Construct:
  • Agricultural crops
  • Plants Pams
  • Plants Pnumaticraft
  • Most of the tools Natura
  • Right click on Crop

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