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Pyrotech Mod brings an extremely interesting Minecraft game world to players by providing a series of classic and primitive tools. The following article will clearly talk about the wiki of this mod board as well as the tools it provides. Let’s follow along!

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Pyrotech Mod

Pyrotech Mod

Pyrotech Mod is extremely suitable for those who love classic and ancient things because this mod board offers completely primitive tools. It challenged players to be creative and create new objects from old ones. If it were you, what would you do to conquer these things?

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The following are the interesting and special features that this mod board brings to players, specifically as follows:

  • Torches (composed of wood and stone) have the function of lighting in the dark.
  • Barbecue: Main food.
  • Items that help players store water such as buckets, barrels,…
  • The bag is used to store ice and other necessary items.
  • Furnace: used to light a fire and cook food as well as warm the body.
  • Desk: made from two main materials: wood and stone.
  • Utensils for cooking: pots, cups, pans, plates,…
  • Agricultural land is intended to serve the needs of growing crops and raising livestock.
  • Cloth rack
  • Wooden crates and shelves are used to store food when needed
  • Sandpits are used to store firewood when heating is needed in the winter

The above article has provided all the information about Pyrotech Mod Wiki – one of the most interesting mod boards at Best Minecraft Mods. Hopefully, the additions that this mod board brings will bring you the best Minecraft game experiences. Remember to download it to your device to experience it right away!

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1.12.2 Jun 12, 2019 2.90 MB


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