Simple Quarry Mod

Simple Quarry Mod

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Simple Quarry Mod was launched to help players’ mining work become simpler when participating in Minecraft. The following article will help you better understand this mod board. Let’s follow along now!

Simple Quarry Mod

Simple Quarry Mod for Minecraft

Simple Quarry Mod is the most epic mod board currently for those who love mining and exploring different resources. The reason this mod board provides players with the mining feature is simpler and easier. 

Thanks to that, your mining work becomes faster, helping to save a lot of time when participating in the Minecraft world. Moreover, this mod board is very adaptable so you can freely combine it with other mod boards, even your mockbacks. In addition, you can now download this mod board to participate in the experience regardless of which upgraded version you are on.

In addition to this mod board, if you are interested in the automatic fishing feature, quickly download the Autofish Mod!


Below are the special features that this mod board wants to bring to players when experiencing:

  • You can also mine any materials on the allowed list using the quick mining feature of the mod board.
  • The mod board works on coals. Specifically, each coal will be able to mine up to 96 different blocks.
  • Mining mines only have 1 chuck, so you need to pay attention and consider before choosing to mine.
  • There are 2 types of quarries in the allowed list of this mod table: raw quarries and additional mines.
  • Players need to be especially careful not to place 2 quarries continuously because the risk of them exploding is very high.
  • The mod board uses the RF principle to operate.
  • You are only allowed to upgrade up to 5 times when using and experiencing.

Above is all the information about Simple Quarry Mod Wiki – the epic mod board available at Best Minecraft Mods. The release of this mod board has made it easier for players to dig. So if you love this feature, quickly download the mod board to experience it right away!


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