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Sophisticated Wolves Mod

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Sophisticated Wolves Mod provides a series of upgraded features for wolves to make the player’s Minecraft playing experience more interesting. Please follow the following article to understand more about the wiki of this mod board!

Sophisticated Wolves Mod for Minecraft

Sophisticated Wolves Mod for Minecraft

Sophisticated Wolves Mod provides new gameplay features or AI improvements for wolves in Minecraft. These additions are not intended to increase the wolf’s energy, but rather to create good meanings for the game. From there, wolves can take care of and protect themselves, instead of needing their owners before.

In addition, you can also name your wolf as you like with its own features

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Let’s read the content below to better understand the features of this mod:

Normal features

  • Name tags: Your wolves will be named by you as you like. This feature helps distinguish individual wolves in the best way. But note that you are only allowed to use 16 characters to name them
  • Nameplate: The color of the nameplate will change depending on the wolf’s health status.
  • Reproduction: When two wolves eat large amounts of meat or wheat, they will automatically give birth to puppies. Puppies will also have similar characteristics to their parents.
  • Feeding: Wolves will no longer roam around begging for food, but will eat fish and other cooked meat foods.
  • Pause/Cancel attack: a feature that helps players crouch or straighten their back if attacked by a wolf
  • Mining with peace of mind: the wolf will obediently stand still and wait for you to finish mining, and will not arbitrarily attack like before.
  • Death message: when the wolf dies, you will receive a death message about this important announcement.
  • Adjustable: you can set the default configuration to wild or domestic wolves depending on your preferences
  • Other improvements: Teleport smarter, avoid fire, or check the log whenever the player needs it.

Special features

  •  Biome-specific wolves: The wolf’s appearance and color will depend on the biome it lives in. However, light-colored wolves will be easier to see than dark-colored ones like black or dark brown.
  • Dogs detect evil: wolves will signal when they detect evil approaching you
  • Extinguish: wolves will not drown, moreover, if they detect fire, they will find a way to extinguish it.
  • Cactiproof Wolf: Cactiproof will be disabled and cannot hurt the wolf anymore
  • Better Collision: Wolves cannot fall because they will never collide with each other. On the contrary, they always keep a certain safe distance.
  • Friendly fire: The owner can only fight the wolf by accident or chance
  • Wolf revival: if you have bones with you, it means you will save the wolf, helping them revive when they discover they are unfortunately dead.

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