Spikes Mod

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Spikes Mod adds 5 spike blocks to add difficulty and grit to your Minecraft experiences. Do you know anything about the features of this mod board? Please join us in following the article below better to understand the wiki of this special mod board!

Spikes Mod
Spikes Mod for Minecraft

Spikes Mod was launched to add 5 more thorny levels including resources, food, experience,… Thanks to this mod board, your experiences in the Minecraft world will be much more thrilling and attractive. You will be able to admire many new interesting things and upgrades available here. This mod board is quite powerful so it can defeat anything within seconds so you need to be careful when using it.

This also somewhat affects your mobs as their strength has increased. Books containing formulas or spells will be effective weapons that help you defeat opponents in this game in the easiest way. This means you need higher levels and consume more resources when you want to do these things.

In addition to this mod table, if you are interested in the experience related to the block compression feature, please refer to and download the Overloaded Compressed Blocks Mod right away!


Below are the features this mod board brings to participants:

  • Wood: has light damage properties and is only used to attack mobs.
  • Stone: Injure other mobs but does not create loot.
  • Iron: When successfully injuring mobs, they will turn into trophies at a normal level.
  • Gold: Injures mods and creates loot that accumulates experience points

Above is all the information about Spikes Mod Wiki – The epic mod board is available at Best Minecraft Mods to provide more special features. It helps your experiences become more unique and thrilling. If you want to experience these things, quickly download the mod board to your device!


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