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 Discover a new guide for Techguns Mod Wiki. Techguns Mod adds weapons, Worldgens, NPCs, machines and more. This mod is a technology mod based on Survival.

Techguns Wiki

This mod adds a huge amount of guns to your game! Each of them has its own special effects and death animations. You also fight with Futuristic guns.

Mod type:



  • 3D model.
  • Recoil/reload animation.
  • Flashing muzzle.
  • First person and third person.


  • Skins and 3D Models.
  • Armor bonus system, giving boni like +% ore mining speed, movement speed.
  • New Inventory Tab: (compatible with Tinker’s Construct. When TC is installed, it integrates into its tab registry.)
  • New item slots and items for them.
  • Face slit: wear things like a Respirator.
  • Rear slot: Glider and jetpack.
  • New slot to place ammo.
  • Auto Food Slot: Automatically eats food inserted here.

Damage system:

Damage types and armor values are different for each type.


  • New hostile NPCs also use guns.
  • Turrets can use guns.

Deadly effect:

  • Brutal animations like gore or dissolving.
  • Disabled in configuration by default.
  • Must be enabled in config, won’t explain how you do it. No gore for children, sry.


  • New machines required to craft all new things:
  • Click bullets.
  • Metal press.
  • Chemistry laboratory.

Camo Bench:

The skins of some Techguns armor and weapons can be switched. Currently only a few have multiple interfaces.

Repair chair:

Repair Techguns armor here. Lower cost than anvil and no XP. Armor is indestructible but becomes useless at zero durability.

Ore drilling machine:

  • Multi-block machines spawn ores from clusters (ore clusters spawn on the world, see the settings section to spawn them).
  • Clusters of ore last forever but drills are not free and require energy. The amount of ore/time that can come out of the cluster is limited.
  • The effect is configurable.


  • Configure the spawn rate.
  • Configure if any should add common ores (lead, copper, steel, etc) (disabled by default).
  • Configure ore drilling capacity and ore rate. Default scale (1.0) is for dedicated servers with chunkloader, for single player you should set much higher ore ratio and lower power consumption.
  • Activate the death effect.

Update History

Version Date Size
1.12.2 Jan 16, 2019 24.26 MB
1.7.2 Jul 26, 2016 14.59 MB

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