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Traincraft Mod

Traincraft Mod adds more than 80 locomotives, trains, and many other means of transport and items to help players have a great, more diverse Minecraft experience. What do you know about this mod board? Please join us in following the article below to understand better the wiki of this special and interesting mod board!

Traincraft Mod

Traincraft Mod for Minecraft

The first time Traincraft Mod was released was in 2011 with only 1 steam train and 1 trolley. This causes inconvenience when players feel deprived and do not have surprising and interesting experiences. Understanding that this mod board has recently been upgraded to bring new additions of more interesting locomotives. Thanks to this new upgrade, players can freely decide on their adventures, making the game world much more modern and convenient. Currently, this mod board has added more than 80 locomotives, trolleys, and other important items.

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The following are the basic features that this mod board brings to players:

  • All additional trains and locomotives are used for player transportation purposes.
  • This mod board also adds hot air balloons to fly into them to take shelter or create your secret place.
  • Most players who have experienced this mod board give good reviews, specifically, they think it is much more interesting and wonderful than other mod boards.
  • Model trains are more interestingly equipped with many different locomotives with vivid designs and colors.

Above is all the information about Traincraft Mod Wiki – A popular mod board at Best Minecraft Mods. This mod board has changed the player experience by adding train-related features. If you love or want to experience this mod board, quickly download it to your device!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.7.10 Dec 17, 2017 10.68 MB
1.6.4 Feb 21, 2018 24.74 MB
1.6.2 Feb 21, 2018 24.71 MB
1.4.5 Feb 21, 2018 5.81 MB
1.4.6 Feb 21, 2018 5.79 MB


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