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The Wiki for Traveler’s Backpack Mod. This is a mod that adds backpacks to Minecraft. Most backpacks come from a combination of JavierDarkona’s Mod and Adventure Backpack. Traveler’s Backpack is an unofficial port.

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Traveler’s Backpack Wiki

Traveler’s Backpack Mod Wiki

Advantages of Traveler’s Backpack

No more Full inventory!

Currently talented at this time, players often add a lot of mods and even many items. So they’ll need a backpack that’s functional and capable of holding all of these things. Traveler’s backpack can provide more than 45 storage slots, 2 liquid containers. Each box can hold up to 16 bottles of medicine

Even more now, as the developer is always updating and improving it. This backpack becomes a great choice for players.

Armor and backpack:

Traveler backpacks don’t need any empty armor slots to wear. But that means you don’t have to carry so many backpacks at once, which isn’t possible.

Great luggage for adventure!

In your adventure, what will the luggage you bring with you be? Surely it’s the crafting table, the bed, and the fireplace. Everything is very simple now, you just need to bring your backpack. You can use crafting inside your backpack’s luggage, plus you can also take out your sleeping bag anytime you want!

Customization is what you are most satisfied with:

you can customize 75 backpacks and if that’s not enough, some of them can offer special abilities!

Inventory features:

Traveler backpack inventory can be divided into segments that have other functions. Below is an explanation of the function of each inventory element.

Here you can see the inventory:

  • The blue slots represent the base backpack inventory, where you can store your items.
  • The green positions only accept tools and provide a special inventory action – Tool Cycle (?)
  • The brown slots are mostly crafting grids and one of them is crafting results slots. These slots store items.
  • The bucket slot holds all the liquid containers and potions. If a tank fits the liquid, the container will move into the slot below and the tank will be filled.
  • The slots under the bucket slot are just the outlet of the bucket slot. You cannot put there any items.


You may have noticed that in the GUI there is one more element that the author did not explain before. There are 3 types of buttons. Each of them appeared in the right conditions.


Cycle tool: If you are holding a tool then you can act this way, put it on the backpack and the tool slots will fill up in the backpack’s inventory. Start sneaking at first, then scroll up or down. It will replace your current tool with one from the tool slot. What a useful trick!

Open inventory: If you have a backpack, click B to open the luggage. (Configuration in the controller)

Exchange tank attached to the faucet: If you’re backpacking and holding the faucet, click N to swap the tank the faucet is attached to. (Configuration in the controller)

Change faucet mode: If you hold the hose, hold the shift key and scroll up or down to change the active hose mode.

Ability: As you probably know (or don’t know), some backpacks can provide exceptionally useful capabilities, but most (don’t?). They appear when the player is wearing a backpack.

Traveler’s Backpack Mod is one of the best mods that MC Wiki has just updated

Support Mods Requires:

  • Minecraft Forge
  • Cardinal Components Mod
  • Cloth Config API

Version Update

Version Date Size
1.19.4 Mar 31, 2023 517.55 KB
1.19.3 Jan 29, 2023 536.99 KB
1.19.2 Aug 25, 2022 414.47 KB
1.19.1 Aug 2, 2022 411.25 KB
1.18.2 Apr 4, 2022 336.03 KB
1.18.1 Jan 7, 2022 341.49 KB
1.17.1 Aug 7, 2021 304.18 KB
1.16.5 Jan 18, 2021 225.39 KB
1.16.4 Nov 29, 2020 183.18 KB
1.16.3 Nov 29, 2020 183.18 KB
1.16.2 Aug 27, 2020 182.64 KB
1.16.1 Aug 27, 2020 182.69 KB
1.15.2 Jun 17, 2020 181.75 KB
1.14.4 Aug 26, 2020 176.13 KB
1.12.2 Jun 20, 2020 380.32 KB



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