Rails of War Mod

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Rails of War Mod adds the image of a train with a large size and high beauty. This mod board has changed the way players look at the Minecraft world. The following article will help readers better understand the wiki of this mod board. Let’s follow along now!

Rails of War Mod
Rails of War Mod for Minecraft

Rails of War Mod opens a new Minecraft world with a beautiful, large train image. Not only that, it also adds many new tracks with many size options that allow you to freely run on them without worrying about many other problems that arise. This feature will minimize the possibility of the player hitting his head while the engine is starting. So now you can freely experience fast, smooth trains and comfortably see the most interesting and beautiful things from this mod board.
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Below are the unique features that this mod board wants to bring to players when experiencing:

  • The size of the railway track is 1524 mm wide
  • Rolling stock will be wider, allowing vehicles to run long distances without worrying about running out of fuel.
  • The vehicle is capable of turning with a large radius
  • The track has a 3D model that allows players to experience a more vivid and realistic experience.
  • Animated entities included in this mod board include a tiger, a pointer, and more train wheels,…

Rails of War Mod Wiki has helped players better understand the image of large, beautiful trains in the majestic world of Minecraft. This new, special mod board was recently launched at Best Minecraft Mods. If readers are interested and want to experience more interesting things from this mod board, please quickly download it to your device!


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