Touhou Little Maid Mod

Touhou Little Maid Mod

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Touhou Little Maid Mod adds toy-shaped maids to Minecraft to enrich players’ experiences. Please follow the article below to better understand the wiki of this special mod board!

Touhou Little Maid Mod

Touhou Little Maid Mod for Minecraft

Touhou Little Maid Mod will help you have a more enjoyable Minecraft playing experience thanks to the addition of maid models with many different special features. This mod board integrates many shooting video games with outstanding features. 

The maids added by this mod board can assist players with many daily tasks. You will be the one to proactively set up these tasks and make the maids follow instructions. The maids will exist as models so you can completely adjust them any time you want.

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Specifically, below are the outstanding features that this mod board has added to bring players the best experience:

  • The jobs a maid can perform include: growing crops, raising animals, cleaning, attacking enemies,…
  • The player will set the tasks that need to be done for the maid
  • The number of jobs will not be limited per setup
  • The maid’s model can change flexibly based on the player’s edits
  • Decorations also gradually appear more
  • Magic cards are tools that possess hidden power to help you defeat all enemies.

Touhou Little Maid Mod Wiki has brought players a new, more epic world by adding maid models. The mod board has contributed to improving the player’s experience, similar to other mod boards at Best Minecraft Mods. If you love this mod board, don’t forget to download it to your device to experience it right away!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.1 Sep 5, 2023 7.05 MB
1.19.2 Sep 7, 2023 7.05 MB
1.18.2 Sep 5, 2023 7.06 MB
1.16.5 Oct 16, 2021 3.43 MB
1.12.2 Dec 17, 2019 4.38 MB


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