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Discover a new guide for Advanced Lightsabers Mod at MC Wiki. Advanced Lightsabers Mod is a lightsaber addon from the star wars universe focused on bringing out the best! Use a lightsaber like the fearsome Jedi or Sith.

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A new day begins on Advanced Lightabers, as Version 1.1: Dawn of the Force is finally released!

Star Wars Film inspiration:

  • Rogue One, Advanced Lightsaber finally lets you and your friends learn the ways of The Force.
  • Discover new hilt combinations and new structures and .
  • Increases the estimated total number of possible combinations the Lightabers can have to a tearful 67 COINS*!
  • The balance of the Force is now in your hands – will you be the guardian of the Light or embrace the Dark Side?

With 13 unique abilities you can take advantage of and upgradable that you can now unlock with new Holocrons that can be found in the world. You’ll get Force XP along with standard XP to buy and power up, as well as enhance your overall Force Mastery.

Withdrawal of life:

  • Using the Dark Side
  • Take away life force from your enemies to heal yourself!
  • With Consume Life, will bring them to the brink.
  • Absorb the lives of many Jedi with the Death Field Upgrade!


Be like the Emperor, shoot lightning bolts from your fingertips! Upgrade to Force Lightning and Force Maelstrom for maximum destruction!


Use force to crush your opponent’s internal organs! Then force the air out of their lungs with Choke, until you have mastered the art of Torture Using Force. Even a Sith will think twice before passing you.


  • Acts on midichlorian itself to quickly repair cells in your body.
  • Greater accuracy with Advanced Healing.
  • Expand your gift even to your allies with Master Healing Upgrades!


Focus your mind, so that not even the strongest Sith can break you!

  • Fortify
  • Advanced Fortify
  • Master Fortify

Reduces damage inflicted by certain Power Powers for a limited time.


Let the Force flow into the enemy’s mind, disabling their mobility for a short time. Force Stasis expands it even further before Stasis Field lets you disable multiple opponents!


Bends Light around you, making you invisible for a limited time. Be warned, as strongmen in the force can still locate you.


Through a combination of changing the perception of time and strengthening the muscles with the Force, you become more agile and active in a matter of moments.


All living things use force, so a concentration practitioner can feel it to determine the creature’s position, until you can Stare even at those who use force. The master of the arts can even use Force Vision to locate the unseen.

Meditating in battle:

  • Made famous by Jedi Sentinel Bastila Shan
  • Use the Force to focus your allies’ minds
  • Grants a bonus to their Force and Melee Damage.
  • This increases potency and range with Advanced Combat Meditation and Master Combat Meditation.

Throw Sword:

Directly controls the arc of the Lightsword, allowing you to attack opponents from a distance, with Advanced Sword Throw providing a larger attack area.

Energy Resistance:

Focuses Force on compression pockets around the body, Energy Resistance and Advanced and Advanced Energy Resistance upgrades, allowing you to reduce the damage taken from other Lightswords.

Force Push:

Compress and expel the air in front of you into a powerful explosion, allowing you to repel enemies. With Advanced Force and Master Force Push, the range and damage dealt will increase!

Four (4) NEW lightsaber sets!


Let the hatred of the False Emperor flow through you.


Use the powerful balance of Mace Windu in your hand.


Recreate the most fearsome lightsaber in the Empire.


Because when Bes’kar doesn’t, use the legendary Darksaber.


Jedi Temples can be found in most temperate biomes and contain Light Forcestone valuable for smithing, Holocrons from brute force training, and hidden chests that can hold lightsaber components!

The lightsaber forge gets updated graphics in 2 flavors:

The Light and Dark variants of the new Lightsaber Force can be crafted using an existing recipe, using the appropriate Force Stone.

Energy management system:

Used with the ‘F’ Key, all Force Powers are unlocked. Press to switch between 3 on your hotbar or long press to open the management menu.

Check the hilt:

Some assemblies are too short to be built. You’ll see this in the lower left corner of the lightsaber preview in Forge.

New sounds for Sith ghosts.

Existing Features (1.0 – Initial Release)

3D Rendered Lightsword:

  • Lightabers can also be turned on and off by right clicking on shift when in use.

Double-winged lightsaber

  • With 2 lightsabers combined in a crafting grid to form a double-edged lightsaber, dealing massive damage.

Customizable stables, lightsaber colors and effects

  • Initial launch with 9 unique lightsaber sets, possibly with 4 interchangeable parts. Combine them with 18 Lightaber Color crystals to choose from and
  • if you’re lucky enough to find one, 4 concentrate crystals give your blade unique properties!

Focusing Crystals

  • The converging crystal is compressed creating a thinner blade, like a sword, reminiscent of those from Star Wars: Rebels.
  • The cracked Kyber crystal produces an unstable “fiery” blade as seen on Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.
  • The inverted converging crystal produces a black inner blade, like on Pre Viszla’s Darksaber.
  • The Fine-Cut Focus Crystal produces a thinner blade, much like Pre Viszla’s Darksaber sword.

Light sword crystals

  • Only spawn in special Crystal Caves.

Sith’s Tomb

  • The tombs of the long-forgotten Sith Lords lurking deep in the desert, waiting to be plundered!

Dynamic loot integration

  • The lightsaber components are fully integrated into the loot creation for the chests in the Village, Fortress, Dungeon, Desert Temple, and Forest
  • Temple.
  • The golden color of the crystal can be found in the Temple of the Desert, while the green is more prominent in the Temple of the Jungle.
  • Village Blacksmiths can spawn with lightsaber parts, which are unique vanilla structures.

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