Craftable Elytra Mod

Craftable Elytra Mod

Craftable Elytra Mod allows players to create their own Elytra. This is definitely an experience worth trying in Minecraft. Let’s follow the article below to better understand the wiki of this popular mod board!

Craftable Elytra Mod

Craftable Elytra Mod for Minecraft

If you are feeling too bored with traditional experiences in Minecraft, Craftable Elytra Mod will be an effective solution to help you get more excited about playing the game. Specifically, this mod board provides a feature that allows you to shape Elytra in any style according to your preference.

This mod board will be the ideal solution for players with a strong passion for Elytra. Now, common items such as armor, tools, or weapons can be easily created and have the player’s unique design through color, shape,…

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Mod type:

  • Armor, Tools and Weapons


This mod board is really useful and interesting when it brings Minecraft players completely outstanding features, specifically as follows:

  • Players now no longer have to go to distant and difficult cities to search for Elytra.
  • You can craft Elytra any time you want
  • The shapes and colors of Elytra are decided by you while creating
  • If you do not want to use or change Elytra, players can completely use the cancel or edit feature if necessary.
  • The materials used to make tools, weapons, or armor are extremely easy to find and available in nature when humans exploit them.

Above is all the information about Craftable Elytra Mod Wiki, a mod board that is becoming a trend and attracting the most interested players at Best Minecraft Mods. If you also want to have the experience of creating Elytra, quickly download it to your device and experience it now!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.12.2 Mar 13, 2018 13.43 KB
1.11.2 May 8, 2017 8.73 KB
1.10.2 Jul 27, 2016 8.72 KB
1.9.4 Jul 22, 2016 8.72 KB


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