Far From Home Mod

Far From Home Mod

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Far From Home Mod is a mod board that adds many interesting biomes to the Minecraft experience. Please follow the following article to understand more about the wiki of this unique mod board.

Far From Home Mod for Minecraft

Far From Home Mod for Minecraft

If you feel too bored with the classic, familiar interfaces and features when experiencing Minecraft, let Far From Home Mod help you open a new world. Specifically, this mod board will provide new biomes that allow players to decorate their living space more uniquely and creatively. In particular, this mod board pays attention to the color and style of the added blocks, so the whole picture will look more vibrant and lively.

This mod board helps open up a world like a fairy tale with wonderful beautiful scenes. Giant glowing mushrooms or spheres will surprise you the first time you see them. And it is certain that players will spend a certain amount of time contemplating and discovering these new things.

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To better understand this mod board, you should refer to the features it brings as follows:

  • The mood board is inspired by building seamless terrain and avoiding interruptions to give a small-scale feel, true to a sandbox game.
  • Crafted biomes will converge into a separate zone system.
  • More than 200 thousand plants are capable of living everywhere in every land, this makes the overall game look more natural.
  • The dungeon is made up of different segments that create horror.

Above is all the information about Far From Home Mod Wiki. This is a unique mod board that receives a lot of love from players in Best Minecraft Mods. If you are also interested and want to experience it, quickly download it to your device!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.16.5 Nov 13, 2021 12.40 MB
1.16.5 Nov 13, 2021 12.40 MB
1.12.2 Sep 19, 2019 24.77 MB


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